New EA FC 24 Formation: The First META!

New EA FC 24 Formation: The First META!

New EA FC 24 Formation: The First META!

EA Sports has, at last, unveiled the FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive through a 6 and a half minute-long live stream on YouTube, highlighting all the fresh features and updates in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The enthusiasm surrounding EA FC 24 has crescendoed having undertaken thorough explorations into gameplay, career mode, match day experience, and Ultimate Team, we now possess an extensive understanding of what lies ahead in this new installment and the emerging era of EA Sports FC.

A new formation was shown in the Ultimate Team deep dive that got many players excited at how this could shape up in game. Could this formation be the new meta from day 1? With in-game tactics this formation could be one of the most over powered formations in the game. Without further or do, lets dive into the news!

New 4-2-1-3 formation

Revealed in the latest EA FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive, this new formation was showcased in the squad hub. A variation of a 4-3-3 however with 2 CDM's and 1 CAM.

Fans that spotted this formation are interested in how it will play ingame, defensively sound with two defensive midfielders while also being attacking with 4 attacking players.

This formation could be the meta from EA FC 24 day 1.

ea fc formation
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Social reactions

@Jake_FutTrading states how this formation will be used by pro players using the two CDM's on stay back and cover centre while using depth: 20.

ea fc
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EA FC fan, @Nemoboii23 states, 'This one is for me. A version of 4231(2) and 433(3) very happy. I’ll be playing with 60 width 70depth and balance per usual for me'

Many fans are stating the obvious that this is just a 4-3-3 (3) with a CAM instead of a CM, however, it is still a nice variation to have that will be worth a try in EA FC 24.

As we get closer to EA FC 24 with the Beta finally out and the release date approaching, we will continue to post about the latest formations, tactics and everything relevant with the new title - in what looks to be the most dynamic and authentic football game yet!

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