EA FC 24: Ultimate Team Ratings Release Date

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The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team official deep dive has finally been released, announcing many new features and updates into the game.

From the new card designs to how chemistry works including women, men and icon players. Some interesting ratings were also showcased (subject to change until full release).

One piece of information was announced in the official pitch notes hidden at the very bottom that may have been missed by many readers. Without further or do, lets jump into the latest news.

When will EA FC 24 ratings be released?

EA FC 24 ratings will begin t0 be released at the begining of September, 2023.

The highly anticipated player ratings in Ultimate Team is just around the corner. This annual even promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Typically EA reveal the top 100 players in the game gradually to build up hype building up until the release date.

Traditionally, this momentous event unfolds in a manner that builds anticipation and excitement, as the ratings are gradually disclosed in segments of ten, commencing from the ranks of 100-90 and gradually progressing towards the best players in the game – the coveted top 10 players.

ea fc
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The meticulous process of rating these players is rooted in their real-world performances within their respective leagues and competitions. It's a nod to the authentic challenges they face on the tangible playing fields, and these ratings bring their prowess and achievements to life within the virtual realm of the Ultimate Team.

50% of the world game has now been added into EA FC 24 with Women players finally added to the game, thus there will be many Women players in the top 100 ratings.


We are at an exciting point of EA FC as the new title is almost here, next up we have Clubs information and then from the start of September we should have our first EA FC 24 ratings.

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