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Master passing in FC 24!

Kevin de Bruyne

FC 24 is here, and fans all over the world are loving the latest release from EA, and in particular, Ultimate Team.

We have you covered on a ton of content on the game mode including Evolutions guides for Relentless Winger, Golden Glow Up, and Pacey Protector, as well as The most slept on PlayStyle on FC 24!

Another key way of playing this year is passing, which has become even more of a necessity since the release of FC 24, we have the perfect guide to help you master the art of spraying the ball all over the pitch, so let's take a look!

Master passing in FC 24

Channel your inner Kevin De Bruyne or Andrea Pirlo with these techniques that will see you go from a good passer to a master.

FC 24 has a whole load of new features, with gameplay receiving many new updates, and we've got the perfect guide for you to become the best passer you can be, so let's get stuck into it.

EA FC 24
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Kevin de Bruyne

Passing PlayStyles

PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ are the newest features added to FC 24, replacing traits of previous FIFAs.

These are designed to give the best players in the world a boost in something they excel in within their game in real life, and having players in your Ultimate Team with these PlayStyles is very important.

We will focus on the Passing PlayStyles for this specific piece and the best ones a player can have in their arsenal, which will make a huge difference.

The passing PlayStyles in FC 24 are as follows:

  • Incisive Pass
  • Pinged Pass
  • Long Ball Pass
  • Tiki Taka
  • Whipped Pass

Incisive Pass

We believe that the best of these PlayStyles is Incisive Pass and here's why!

Playing in Ultimate Team is incredibly fast-paced, meaning your players have to be quick with their actions, hence why pacey players are usually the meta. The Incisive Pass releases a through ball rapidly, and accurately too.

FC 24 passing
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Fernandes PlayStyle+

Bruno Fernandes is one of the players with the Incisive Pass PlayStyle+ and is incredible at threading the perfect pass in-game, so we recommend getting him into your squad as soon as you can!

His normal card is worth 28k coins, and he even features in the Road to the Knockouts.

Passing variants

There are different types of ways to pass on FC 24, which makes finding your teammate much easier and more fun with more options available.

We will go through the best three ways of passing and discuss why they are so overpowered in the game.

  • Through Ball - △/Y

To put it simply, the Through Ball is the best passing mechanism in the game, especially when using players with passing PlayStyles. EA has made these passes more realistic this year and you can actually thread the ball between two defenders.

  • Power Pass - R1/RB + X/A

This pass helps you release the ball with insane speed, which can help set up counterattacks or get you out of danger. The Power Pass is accurate, and goes to the players' feet, so only use it when you aren't trying to play one of your forwards in on goal, as you will be better playing the ball in front of them.

  • Lofted Through Ball - L1/LB + △/Y

Over-the-top through balls haven't been as exciting as they once were in Ultimate Team, mainly due to the pace in which the ball would travel to the receiving player, however, EA has fixed this in FC 24, especially with players with PlayStyles. The ball travels at a faster speed and can really be beneficial when playing your attackers in behind, it's also great to get the wingers through!

Using passing masters

When creating your team, ensure that your midfield especially, has players who can pick a pass in any situation. If you are working on a budget, then we have squads for you to look at, ranging from 20k coins, all the way to 1 million coins.

For cheap options, we recommend Georgia Stanway from Bayern Munich, or Mateo Kovacic from Manchester City, who both have the Pinged Pass PlayStyle.

As for players worth a pretty penny, it's hard to ignore Kevin De Bruyne, who has the Incisive Pass PlayStyle, and one player who has surprised many FC 24 gamers is Lyon women's LB, Selma Bacha, whose Whipped Pass is simply incredible.

Bacha FC 24
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Selma Bacha

There are plenty of options when it comes to fantastic passers in FC 24, but you need to ensure that you pick the right ones and play the right passes, and you will master passing in FC 24!

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