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The most slept on PlayStyle in FC 24!

fc 24 throw in

Ultimate Team is in full flow with the Weekend League approaching, many players are trying to solidify their teams for the coming weekend!

With many new features in Ultimate Team we have plenty of guides on offer such as how to defend in EA FC 24, as well as loads of Evolutions content, with guides to the Relentless Winger Evolutions, Golden Glow Up and Pacey Protector so be sure to check them out.

Without further ado let's take a look at the latest PlayStyle+ that has taken the internet by storm!

Most underused PlayStyles+

One PlayStyles+ has been credited as one of the most underrated and underused PlayStyles in the game with Reddit absolutely loving it!

Usually with PlayStyles people rave about Finesse Shot, Rapid, or others like Bruiser but today we have one that almost nobody is talking about!

The PlayStyles+ that we are talking about is the Long Throw PlayStyle+, one that we are almost certain you have not tried out yet.

The Long Throw PlayStyle is very overpowered with players being about to throw the ball practically half the pitch making your opponent get caught out by this amazing technique.

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Of course, there are no offsides from throw-ins meaning that you can select a player and run out of sight from the camera and your player with the PlayStyle+ will be able to reach them, beating the defensive line and playing a one-on-one with the keeper.

Which players have the Long Throw in FC 24

The following players have the PlayStyles+ of Long Throw in FC 24 with only two cards this PlayStyles+ may not seem usable but with Evolutions this may change!

  • Sveindis Jane Jonsdottir (82 OVR)
  • Luis Hernandez (75 OVR)
  • Ryan Malone (68 OVR)
  • Marc Roberts (68 OVR)
  • Bart van Hintum (68 OVR)

With Evolutions in FC 24, you can now potentially add this Playstyles+ to other players in Ultimate Team making this even more OP!

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