Transfer Guru Fabrizio Romano Confirmed to Feature in EA Sports FC 24

Bellingham EA Sports FC 24 Romano Tweet

Bellingham EA Sports FC 24 Romano Tweet

The hype for the release of EA Sports FC 24 is reaching its peak, with official Ultimate Edition cover art confirmed and further details arriving this week.

The game is turning heads and people cannot wait to see what EA has in store for this brand new era.

One thing that is changing is the arrival of social media superstars, with a certain transfer guru confirmed to feature.

With that in mind, let's take a look at how Fabrizio Romano is set to affect the future of EA Sports FC 24.

Fabrizio Romano confirmed for EA Sports FC 24

The man who is almost literally everywhere is now headed to our console screens, with a recently leaked screenshot from EA Sports FC 24 appearing to confirm Fabrizio Romano's inclusion in the game.

Something of a social media icon these days, Romano is responsible for reporting and offering insight into all of the many different transfer dealings going on in world football.

Some theorise he never sleeps, and some believe he simply cannot be one man, but either way, his recent fame has seen the Italian become a lot more involved in mainstream media in recent years.

EA Sports FC 24 leaked social media feature
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LEAKED ARRIVAL - Romano is in EA Sports FC 24

Many clubs have used him as part of transfer announcements and now EA look to be the latest to jump on the bandwagon.

As shown in the screenshot, a brand new social media section looks to have been added to Career Mode, similar to the social feed feature we already see in the Football Manager series.

As we all know, you can't have a social media feed related to football without Romano and it looks as though he will be weighing in and offering a "here we go" once you start securing big deals.

Who is Fabrizio Romano?

A man who shot to fame thanks to his transfer insight, Fabrizio Romano started gaining traction a few years ago.

Romano, Italian born, has fingers in every single pie you can imagine, reporting on transfers from the obvious to the obscure.

Romano bellingham tweet here we go
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HERE WE GO - Romano is famed for his transfer-related catchphrase

An influential member of the football community, Romano's 'here we go' phrase has become something of a rite of passage for players once they make a big-money move.

Romano's influence isn't just limited to the real world as we have seen him involved in launches for games like Football Manager.

Now, the Italian will be featured in EA Sports FC 24 for the very first time.

EA Sports FC Career Mode

Career Mode is undoubtedly one of the most popular modes in football gaming, second only to the rising behemoth that is Ultimate Team.

With FUT taking precedence in the eyes of EA, Career Mode players are hoping that their beloved mode is shown some TLC in EA Sports FC 24.

Information has been scant so far, with official information for EA Sports FC 24 being released in July.

EA Sports FC 24
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FLYING THE FLAG - A new era will begin in 2023

Right now, it's looking like an Online Career Mode will be added, with strong leaks suggesting that the mode will be brand new and finally added this year.

Player Career is likely set for further improvement as well, with last year's innovations set to be built upon.

We hope that Manager Mode itself is not neglected, with the bread and butter of Career Mode in desperate need of improvement.

One thing is for sure, this mode does finally look to be receiving some more care and attention by the powers that be at EA Sports.

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