EA FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive COUNTDOWN: New reveals on the way

EA FC 24 Erling Haaland

EA FC 24 Erling Haaland

The hype surrounding EA FC 24 couldn't be much bigger, with the game confirmed to arrive in September and brand-new features starting to be released by EA Sports.

The start of this brand-new era is punctuated by exciting new gameplay features and those new additions are set to be showcased first.

Just like we've seen in previous years, EA is going to drip-feed their reveals for the brand-new game and gameplay features are up first.

With that in mind, we're going to count down to the very start of it all and take a look at the EAFC 24 gameplay reveal.

EA FC 24 gameplay reveal COUNTDOWN

With cover art and some major headline features revealed, the real nitty gritty comes next as EA begins to delve into some of the minute details.

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay Reveal

Kicking us off will be the pitch notes and reveal video for new gameplay features, with a host of exciting new additions set to be showcased.

Premiering at 4 pm BST on Tuesday, 18 July, the gameplay reveal will take a much closer look at some of the new features coming to EA FC 24's actual gameplay.

EA FC 24 Haaland
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INNOVATIONS - Gameplay improvements will be a big part of EA FC 24.

From new animations to further info on the HyperMotion tech powering EA FC 24, this reveal is set to be one of the biggest EA has to offer in the run-up to their brand-new game

Start date & time

As mentioned above, the live stream for this reveal begins at 4 pm BST on Tuesday, 18 July.

The stream can be watched on EA Sport's official YouTube channel, with official pitch notes being released at the same time.

EA Sports FC 24 feature reveals
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DEEP DIVES - Big feature reveals are coming soon

The reveal will likely last around 10-15 mins and focus on all the new details coming to EA FC 24's gameplay.

Following that, EA will likely use this Tuesday 4 pm slot as the marker for their new reveals, with headline streams also coming for Career Mode, Ultimate Team and all other EA Sports FC 24 major modes.

What to expect

In previous years, EA's reveal live streams have offered an enhanced look at some of the exciting new features set to arrive in their new game.

The stream will likely see a team of developers breaking down how each addition will affect the overall feel of the game.

EA Sports FC
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC releases on September 29

When it comes to gameplay, we would expect to see a closer detailing of new animations and a detailed look at the new HyperMotion tech that's powering the game.

HyperMotion V is the tech rumoured to be powering EA FC 24 and we're excited to see what the latest advancements can bring.

One thing's for sure, this gameplay reveal is one of EA's biggest ahead of their new era and will see the standard for all the live streams set to follow.

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