EA Sports FC: NEW HyperMotion tech set to take gameplay to the next level

EA Sports FC Veratti

EA Sports FC Veratti

EA Sports FC is just around the corner and we're starting to see official information drop regarding this new release.

The start of a new era, you can be certain that EA won't be starting from complete scratch with some of FIFA's best features returning.

One such feature is HyperMotion, with the exciting tech confirmed to return to EA Sports FC with some added special features.

Check below to find out more about the brand-new gameplay details leaked for EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC Gameplay Leaks

According to DonkTrading on Twitter, brand new HyperMotion V technology is set to power EA Sports FC, with new animations and frames of capture set to take centre stage.

These rumours have been verified following clips and information was leaked from a recent EA Sports FC presentation.

The presentation featured information regarding the game, with the game's first screenshots also being leaked.

The Tweet goes on to confirm that the following features are coming to EAFC thanks to the power of HyperMotion:

  • 80x More animations than FIFA 23
  • 590 Million frames of advanced 11 vs 11 game capture.

What does this all mean? Well, EA took things to the next level in FIFA 23, with over 3,000 new animations added to the game thanks to HyperMotion.

As the above information suggests, we could see around 240,000 unique animations added to EA Sports FC, a figure that will go a long way to improving gameplay and making every match feel unique.

FIFA 23 Haaland
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VAST IMPROVEMENTS - HyperMotion was key in the improvement of FIFA 23's gameplay

The new multi-million frame captures is also an exciting step forward, with EA putting on an 11 vs 11 game to assist in their animations and modelling of players.

Both men and women took part in EA's 11 vs 11 games last year, with women's teams and players set to feature like never before in EA Sports FC.

All of this information leads us to believe that the gameplay on offer in EA Sports FC will be the most advanced we've ever seen in a football game.

What is HyperMotion?

It looks as though HyperMotion will once again be the star of the show in the upcoming reveals for EA Sports FC, but what is it actually all about?

The brand-new feature brought over 3,000 unique touches to FIFA 23, making every moment feel unique in the game.

Players and critics alike both praised FIFA 23's gameplay, meaning this next step forward in HyperMotion tech is set to take EA FC to the next level.

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SHOOT FOR THE STARS - FIFA 23 provided the most authentic football experience to date

Effectively, HyperMotion tech will bring big changes to EA Sports FC, with Xsens Suits used to capture and collect match data from real-life games.

Translating real-life movement into in-game animations, HyperMotion is the tech that makes every movement feel life-like and realistic.

Constant advancements are being made in this tech and it's only set to improve as we move further into the EA Sports FC era.

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