EA Sports FC Mobile: Is out now!

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Benzema EA Sports FC

Mobile gaming has been a prominent part of EA's catalogue and things look set to expand once EA Sports FC rolls around.

The new era will bring many new features in EA FC Mobile and fans are buzzing to finally be able to download the game now that the game is officially released!

We've got you covered for everything you need to know about EA Sports FC's arrival on Mobile.

EA Sports FC Mobile

EA Sports FC 24 have confirmed that the game is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

EA Sports FC Mobile is far more rounded and offers a much better base game, building on previous editions! EA FC have made sure to make the first title of FC Mobile a banger!

EA Sports FC Mobile
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A BRAND NEW ERA - EA Sports FC Mobile

'FC Mobile delivers a whole new set of feature set to its growing base of over 100 million fans with an update to come later this fall'

Mobile gameplay

EA SPORTS has redefined mobile gaming with the launch of its first title, EA FC Mobile. This release promises to bring an unprecedented level of immersion to soccer fans worldwide, offering an entirely new way to dominate the pitch through its innovative Impact Controls system.

The Impact Controls system introduces three distinct elements that are set to transform the way players experience the game:

fc mobile
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1. Power Shot: EA FC Mobile introduces the Power Shot, a game-changer that offers players the fastest shot type in the mobile soccer gaming universe. However, this mechanic comes with a high-stakes risk vs. reward feature. The animation for a Power Shot is notably longer than that of a regular shot, leaving the player vulnerable to potential tackles during the shot wind-up. Yet, the payoff for successfully executing a Power Shot is both visually stunning and incredibly satisfying when it results in a goal.

2. Hard Tackle: With Hard Tackle, players now possess the ability to deliver powerful, lunging stand tackles that can crush attackers or execute last-second shot blocks. Defenders will now be able to unleash faster and more potent tackles, providing a new level of defensive prowess.

3. Knock On: EA FC Mobile also introduces the Knock On maneuver, enabling players to reach their full sprinting speed while dribbling. This skill allows them to break free from defenders or create the necessary space to line up a perfect shot. Additionally, Knock On, along with the newly incorporated Hard Stop, has been integrated into FC Mobile as Team Skill Moves, granting players the freedom to customize swipe directions for controls as per their preference.

FC Mobile has a new feel to the game

EA SPORTS FC Mobile is transforming the matchday experience with new visual and audio upgrades, offering a closer connection to "The World’s Game."

Noteworthy enhancements include an immersive broadcast experience with captivating match intros and stadium-like camera angles, enriched audio with dynamic commentary and team-specific chants, plus extensive customisation options in the Locker Room and Club Identity.

fc mobile banners
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The fresh user interface, from visuals to animations and fonts, adds to the excitement, positioning EA SPORTS FC Mobile as a standout in mobile soccer gaming, promising an immersive experience for players.

Release date and price

EA Sports FC Mobile is now out as of 27 September 2023!

The last four FIFA editions were released on the following dates:

  • FIFA 20 - 24 September 2019
  • FIFA 21 - 9 October 2020
  • FIFA 22 - 27 September 2021
  • FIFA 23 - 26 September 2022

The game is free to play remaining the same as previous years.

EAFC Tactical Football

With a first insight into another EA Sports FC handheld game called 'FC Tactical' we are yet to understand what EA have in plans for both sets of handheld games!

FC Tactical
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FC Tactical

In the recent livestream and first full reveals, a big announcement was made for EA FC fans worldwide.

FC Tactical, a new mobile game offering a fresh way to experience football. Details are still limited, but it promises turn-based strategy gameplay and exciting possibilities.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks as EA Sports unveils further details about this highly anticipated game.

EA FC brand reveal


At long last, EA has revealed its new brand vision, identity, and logo for EA Sports FC.  The brand design takes inspiration from the iconic shape of triangles in football.

From passing techniques to set plays, the shape is woven into the DNA of football and now EA Sports FC. The EA Sports FC brand is set to debut in over 100 matches across the biggest leagues in the world in the coming days.

ea sports fc
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IT'S TIME - EA Sports FC is taking over

Football fans can get their first look at the new brand in the wild when EA Sports FC partners including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 roll out the FC content.

“This is where the story of EA SPORTS FC begins. We’re building on 30 years of leadership and history creating experiences that bring the global football community together, and continuing to take it into a fan-first future,” said Nick Wlodyka of EA Sports FC.

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