EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: Realistic Transfers NEED to be implemented

EA Sports FC 24 Messi Real Madrid

EA Sports FC 24 Messi Real Madrid

EA Sports FC 24 is just around the corner, with the game ushering in the start of a brand new era in the world of football gaming.

This new era promises to bring plenty of new and exciting innovations, but it's the basic requests that could reap the biggest rewards for EA.

When it comes to Career Mode, you couldn't find a community more in need of some TLC, and we've thought of the best way to do just that.

Check below to find out how fixing this broken Career Mode feature could do wonders for EA.

EA Sports FC 24 Realistic Transfers

For many years, Career Mode players have been asking for one thing: realistic transfers.

Far too many saves are dominated by Bellingham moving to Newcastle, Adeyemi signing for Burnley and Moukoko going to Real Betis.

Whilst you could argue that these deals aren't completely removed from reality, we would suggest that they're enough to throw off your immersion.

FIFA 23 isn't the only game to have suffered, with many of FIFA's previous iterations suffering from the same issues.

EA Sports FC 24
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CHANGES NEEDED - Career Mode needs some TLC in EA Sports FC 24

Ultimately, with these games offering a sense of immersion, it throws us all off when we see deals go through that wouldn't happen anywhere other than in the weird and wonderful world of EA.

One such game that finds a meaningful balance is Football Manager 2023, with general player interest playing a major part.

In FM, if a player doesn't want to move to a certain club, the negotiations won't even start.

Introducing a stricter system in which players can outright reject clubs based off league and continental status would be a great way to inject some much-needed reality back into Career Mode.

Club Networks

One element that bleeds into this discussion is one around club networks, with more and more systems popping up in recent years.

Clubs included in the City Football Group often trade with one another, with many clubs starting to bulk out their own network of sides.

EA Sports FC 24 Man City
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AROUND THE WORLD - Would you like to see Club Networks added to EA Sports FC 24?

This is something that should be reflected in EA Sports FC 24, with certain sides being able to bag cut-price deals for players within their own club network.

Similarly, we think that you should also be offered the chance to join a network or create your own.

For instance, if you're managing a side like Colchester, wouldn't it be handy to find affiliation, or be offered the chance to join a new club network?

A feature like this would go a long way to improving EA Sports FC 24's immersion, creating new and interesting stories that your Career Mode save can mould around.

Refined Transfers

These suggested new features all boil down to EA needing to refine their transfer systems.

Revamping the way transfers work in EA Sports FC 24 is a simple way to make Career Mode infinitely better than previous iterations.

EA Sports FC 24
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC 24 releases in 2023

Players want something new and giving them a more rounded experience in their Career Mode save is a great way of making things feel fresh and unique.

A new transfer system, rooted in reality, is a great way to make saves feel exciting every single time, rather than formulaic.

Something certainly needs to change in the world of Career Mode and the start of this new era firmly permits EA Sports FC 24 to make a big impact from the get-go.

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