EA FC: New Traits system LEAKED for Ultimate Team

ea fc ultimate team new traits system leaked

ea fc ultimate team new traits system leaked

EA FC is the new title being developed by EA Sports after splitting from FIFA, and they are planning some innovations, including a new traits system in Ultimate Team!

There isn't any official information out on it yet, with the inclusion leaked as opposed to being properly announced, however, we have a good idea of what to expect given its use in another EA Sports title.

Find out more about the EA FC Ultimate Team traits system that has been leaked below.

EA FC Ultimate Team Traits Leaked

Regular and reliable leaker Fut Sheriff revealed via Twitter that a new traits system will be coming in EA FC Ultimate Team!

As he says, "The goal is to create new levels of player authenticity", with more unique players and animations, with noticeable gameplay benefits.

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Some traits may only be available to certain players with the necessary abilities, or completely unique to one player in particular, giving them a more pronounced personality in-game.

Obviously, at this early stage, we don't know fully how it will be implemented in the title, but we have quite a good idea as a similar system is already used in another EA Sports title, NHL 23.

EA FC Ultimate Team Traits Explained

The new traits system in EA FC Ultimate Team will likely be similar to the X-Factor abilities used in EA Sports' NHL 23.

There are said to be two trait categories, split into Base and Icon, although Icon Traits won't only be used on Icon cards.

Traits will be split into seven groups mirroring player attributes, with Scoring, Passing, Defending, Dribbling, Physical, Goal Keeping & FUT Specific Gameplay listed by Fut Sheriff.

The new traits system won't increase the overall player ratings, and therefore the power curve of the game, as they won't boost the base stats of a card.

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GAME CHANGING - Take your cards to the next level with new traits

Instead, they will likely come into effect in certain game situations. An example would be a trait that gives a player maximum Long Shots and Shot Power when attempting a first-time shot from outside of the box.

Again, this will lead to clearer player personalities on the pitch as well as creating more unique cards.

Traits will supposedly be available to purchase on the transfer market, so it is safe to assume you will gain them through packs as well, and possibly as objective rewards.

Traits in Testing

According to FUT Sheriff, the following traits are being tested ahead of EA FC:

  • Team Captain: Boosts low chemistry players (0 chem gain +1; 1 chem gain +2)
  • League Star: Gives +1 boost to all players in their league
  • Lone Wolf: +2 / +3 boost to players with no team or country-mates
  • Team Spiriting: All team players have a stamina boost
  • Super Sub: The player comes from the bench with full chemistry
  • Flexible: The player will automatically change to the position based on where they are placed

There look to be some interesting traits involved there that will clearly help with squad building.

However, some will question if it makes it too easy to include whatever players you want, with you bypassing the chemistry system by using certain traits.

The Flexible trait also seems overpowered, effectively allowing you to use cards in whatever position you want - get ready for full-backs at CB again!

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