Shush Celebration Returns to EA FC 24

The EA FC 24 reveal has been broadcasted globally showcasing for the first time the official EA FC 24 trailer.

The trailer was full of excitement including some of the biggest stars in the world with rapper Santan Dave, Haaland, Marta and many others.

Not only did the trailer showcase new features and game modes it also left some Easter eggs for FIFA fans to pick out and react to after the broadcast.

One Easter egg that did get everyone talking was the return of the 'Shush' celebration.

EA FC 24 latest - Shush celebration returns

The infamous Shush celebration, known for its controversial nature, is making a comeback in the highly anticipated EA FC 24 game.

You can now once again silence your opponents after scoring a goal with this controversially wonderful yet frustrating celebration.

SHHH returns!
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SHHH returns!

From FIFA 21, EA took measures to tackle toxic behaviour within the game, which resulted in the removal of certain celebrations. However, it seems that EA has listened to the feedback from the FIFA community and decided to reintroduce the Shush celebration in EA FC 24.

EA associate producer Sam Rivera interview in 2020

Acknowledging the importance of player input, gameplay producer Sam Rivera stated in an interview with EuroGamer,

'We were told by the community that there are toxic behaviors in the game and we wanted to make sure we removed them. So we removed some of the celebrations that people thought were not the best idea to have in the game.'

The Shush celebration, known for its ability to provoke opponents and elicit strong reactions, was among the celebrations removed in the previous FIFA edition. However, it seems that EA has found a balance between addressing toxic behavior and respecting the desires of the community, resulting in the return of this iconic gesture.

As players gear up for EA FC 24, they can anticipate the opportunity to silence their rivals and revel in the thrill of scoring a crucial goal, punctuated by the provocative Shush celebration. While its inclusion may spark some debate, there's no denying the impact this celebration has had on the FIFA community over the years.

Shush Celebration from FIFA 20
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Shush Celebration from FIFA 20

So, get ready to embrace the controversial side of FIFA with the return of the Shush celebration in EA FC 24. Let the mind games begin and savor the intense moments on the virtual pitch.

Stay tuned for more updates on EA FC 24 as we bring you the latest news and features of the game.

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