EA FC 24: Exciting New Camera Angle

EA FC 24 Camera Angle

EA FC 24 Camera Angle

EA Sports FC 24 is quickly approaching with new pitch notes and deep dives being released on what feels to be a weekly basis. The new era of football gaming is almost here as EA Sports look to release the most authentic and dynamic football game yet.

The new title of EA Sports FC will be the first away from the FIFA franchise, allowing EA Sports to have more flexibility in partnerships and overall more time to focus on other aspects of the game.

Through recent deep dives and pitch notes we now have a better understanding on what the game entails and with easter eggs such as new camera angles in the game, the hype for this new title is at an all time high. So without further of do lets dive into this all new camera angle!

New camera angle

As reported by @CareerModeInsid, EA FC 24 has a new camera angle that gives a very nice overview of the pitch. This camera angle is zoomed out, however from a first glance the angle does look like it could be very popular in EA FC 24.

This camera angle allows the player to see over a full half of the pitch meanwhile the players do not look too small which can often be a concern while playing with a zoomed out angle.

EA FC 24 Camera Angle
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EA FC 24 Camera Angle

Many FC players do prefer closer, zoomed in camera angles allowing them to see more details on the pitch - however, this new camera angle could be worth a try.

There are still no details confirmed on the name of this camera angle as of yet however we can expect this information to be released soon especially with the beta predicted to be sent out in the coming days.

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