EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive LIVE UPDATES: All confirmed features

EA FC 24 Henry

EA FC 24 Henry

EA FC 24 is almost here and the hype around this brand-new game is growing with every passing day.

EA is adding fuel to that fire, revealing a host of new features that are arriving in the game this year.

Ultimate Team has been the flagship mode for EA for some time and we cannot wait to see what's in store this year.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the start date, time and what to expect from this year's big reveal.

LATEST - Full Pitch Notes

  • Ultimate Team Evolutions: Level up players in your Club with Ultimate Team™ Evolutions—a new feature within Ultimate Team™ that creates a progression path for players already in your Club. Develop your favourites into club legends by completing objectives that improve their individual skills, PlayStyles, overall ratings, and even how their Player Items look. 
  • Women’s Football in Ultimate Team: In EA SPORTS FC 24, ultimate means everyone. Ultimate Team™ unites both halves of The World’s Game, bringing men’s and women’s football together to play on the same pitch. This unlocks a new world of squad-building potential and connects to campaigns throughout the season that relate to real-world performances across women’s football.
  • PlayStyles in Ultimate Team™: PlayStyles introduce a brand new dynamic to Ultimate Team™ that goes beyond overall ratings, allowing you to build your squad based on how good players are—and how they actually play on the pitch. PlayStyles+ takes that to the next level, giving players abilities on the pitch that few others have. 
  • New Player Item Design: EA SPORTS FC™ 24 introduces a new era for the iconic Ultimate Team™ Player Item, bringing into focus the footballers at the heart of the World’s Game and elevating all the key information you need to understand the player at a glance. Player Items will bring athletes to life in new ways with larger pictures and animated backgrounds, plus more accessible details like league crests, and PlayStyles+.
  • Community Feedback: Community requests have become core features this year in Ultimate Team™—claim all Objectives rewards at one time, change player positions without the need for a consumable, build new squads with improved Chemistry for ICONs, navigate through Ultimate Team™ more seamlessly with an all-new quick switcher that helps you toggle quickly between features, discover new Objectives and content with ease, and get back on to the pitch with less friction.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive COUNTDOWN

The countdown to the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive is firmly on, with the major mode set to feature as EA's next headline live stream.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team COUNTDOWN

Certain to be structured similarly to the deep dives we've seen before, the Ultimate Team deep dive will take a look at all of the major, and minor, additions made to the mode, over the course of an 8-10 minute video.

The video, live streamed on YouTube and soon available across all social media platforms, will detail a lot of the headline features coming to the mode.

EA FC Ultimate Team pack
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BRAND NEW FEATURES - EA is set to reveal all this week

That's not all, however, as EA is certain to release further details in their Ultimate Team pitch notes, with a host of exciting new features set to be hidden within the notes.

Start Date & Time

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive reveal is taking place on Wednesday, August 9 at 4 PM BST.

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Much like the other deep dive events, the deep dive video will premier on YouTube before being released across all other social media platforms.

EA FC Ultimate Team
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EXCITING TIMES - Ultimate Team is entering a new era

Following the video, pitch notes will be available on EA's website, allowing you to delve deeper into everything that's been revealed.

On top of that, you can be sure that we will have you covered for all of the major, and minor, features that EA reveals for their headline mode.

What To Expect

As seen with the other major EA FC deep dives, the Ultimate Team reveal will likely take the form of an 8-10-minute video that delves deep into the new features set to be added.

So far, we know that women's players will be added to Ultimate Team for the first time, with the live stream certain to touch on how both sets of players will coexist and combine on the pitch.

On top of that, we will almost certainly see a host of new FUT Heroes and ICONS revealed, or teased, during the stream.

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NEW ADDITIONS - Female players are now in Ultimate Team

Evolutions is a new feature that has people scratching their heads and we're certain that some of the queries around this new mode will also be addressed during the video.

As EA FC 24 represents a new era, we'd also expect EA to reveal a brand new UI (User Interface) for Ultimate Team, showcasing some of the minor features that will make the experience more streamlined and enjoyable.

It remains to be seen whether EA will reveal all, or keep some cards close to their chest. Either way, we know the hype is going to get even stronger after this Ultimate Team reveal.

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