Will there be a Call of Duty in 2023?

Call of Duty 2023

Despite recent flops, Call of Duty remains one of the most profitable and recogniseable franchises in gaming. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has already been one of the most popular titles in the series so far.

Fans flocked to it on the opening weekend, grossing over $800 million in three days. Additionally, it has topped the steam charts for weeks after its release. Rumours have been circulating since long before the release of MW2 about what would be coming next in the series.

With Warzone 2 still taking the spotlight from the traditional game, let's take a look at everything we know so far about what will be coming to the most popular first-person shooter series of all time in 2023.

Will there be a Call of Duty in 2023?

As you would expect this early on in the cycle, we have very little information about what will be coming to the series for 2023. While the usual rotation would suggest a Treyarch-produced game, other rumours are flying.

One leak via @TheGhostofHope on Twitter suggests that Modern Warfare 2 will actually run for two years. This would be the first time a Call of Duty has done so. The next installment would then come in later 2024, still likely produced by Treyarch.

This would actually mean that there would be no new game in 2023, but rather a hefty expansion of Modern Warfare 2. This will likely cost just as much as the original game but will feature DLC for the Campaign and Multiplayer, with enough content to almost make up a new title.

This could tie into the leak that suggests that all original Modern Warfare 2 maps from 2009 will be arriving in the latest Call of Duty. The maps would drop as part of the extended DLC towards the end of 2023.

Will we get more Remastered Games?

Since Infinity Ward has now released Modern Warfare 2019, and Modern Warfare 2, it seems likely that their next installment in the franchise will be a remaster of Modern Warfare 3. It's possible however that we may see the majority of MW3 remastered in the current Call of Duty's second year.

There have also been several rumours that Advanced Warfare 2 could be coming in 2024 or 2025. These are unconfirmed, but if we do it will certainly be a remaster of sorts, and we can expect some old maps to return.

Call of Duty AW2
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One thing is for sure though, in future Call of Duty titles we can expect to see more maps from earlier on in the series return. Infinity Ward has shown this year that nostalgia wins points from the fanbase, and remastering their favourite content in a new setting is a guaranteed win.

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