Advanced Warfare 2 rumoured to release for next Sledgehammer Call of Duty

Call of Duty Advanced warfare 2

Call of Duty Advanced warfare 2

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was a very controversial FPS title. The introduction of jetpacks was loved by many and hated by many more, but since its release, many players have grown to love the style of gameplay.

Advanced Warfare also introduced Uplink as a game mode, which has certainly made its impact on the wider scene, with a variant even teased in Apex Legends.

Now rumours have emerged that we may finally be getting a sequel. Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming game.

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Advanced Warfare 2 Rumours

Rumours began circulating after popular Call of Duty leaker RalphsValve on Twitter released an update that reported Advanced Warfare 2 was in development for release as Sledgehammer's next Call of Duty.

This has yet to be corroborated and would contradict the rumours that CoD 2024 was to be given a two-year cycle. With Warzone only getting more popular though, a futuristic spin on the battle royale mode could be a fantastic fresh take on the genre for Call of Duty.

Advanced Warfare 2 Release Date

Advanced Warfare 2 would be set for release in late 2024, after Treyarch's next title. Other Call of Duty Leakers such as AGhostofHope have agreed with the rumour based on their sources, but we are a long way from any confirmed intel.

Advanced Warfare 2
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We do know that should Advanced Warfare 2 release, it would be built on the new unified IW 9.0 Engine. This would offer the same futuristic gameplay with a smoother and better feel for next-gen environments.

For now, Call of Duty fans can get excited regardless, as Modern Warfare 2 is less than a month away, and promises a year of brand new content as well as some nostalgic treats for long time fans.

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