Is Black Ops Cold War getting a Crossbow in Season 2?

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Treyarch's Season 2 Cinematic Trailer is full of details on what's in store for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and a Crossbow could be on the way.

We're only just over a week away from Black Ops Cold War Season 2 and Treyarch have finally shown us what's in store.

The Cinematic shows us what Woods has been up to while Adler is clashing with Stitch and it introduces a few new Operators and weapons.

There's one thing that stands out though. Is Black Ops Cold War getting a Crossbow? Here's all we know.


Crossbow Spotted

In and amongst the onslaught of information Treyarch have dropped on us with their Cinematic Trailer, we got a glimpse of what appears to be a Crossbow.

Unlike the crossbow in Modern Warfare, this weapon looks as if it has a wooden handle and stock. You can see a glimpse at its design below:

Black Ops Cold War Crossbow Season 2 Cinematic Trailer
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CROSSBOW - We have to admit, this does look pretty awesome

We don't know much about what this will entail, as we only see the mysterious new female Operator fire it a couple of times.


In Modern Warfare, the Crossbow has standard Bolts as well as an Explosive and Gas variant. Could we see these make their way to the Black Ops Cold War Crossbow?

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We already have a Combat Bow Killstreak that fires Explosive Arrows. So, what else could Treyarch do to make the Crossbow unique?

If you check out the full Season 2 Cinematic Trailer below, you can get a better grasp of the Crossbow in action:

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For any updates, keep an eye on the Treyarch Blog and the Call of Duty Social Channels.