Are we getting a Kino Der Toten remake soon?

Kino Der Toten was the first COD Zombies map on the original Black Ops title and it remains a memorable experience among fans.

After a spout of recent teasers, could we be getting a Kino Der Toten remake in Black Ops Cold War in Season 2?

LATEST - New Teasers Confuse Fans

Well... Another teaser has recently been shared that mixes things up a bit. Maybe we aren't getting Kino Der Toten.

Now... That doesn't look like Kino Der Toten. Or anything around it. What could it mean?

Ravenov talked about the Ural Mountains in Firebase Z, but this doesn't really look like the Ural Mountains map we see in Black Ops Cold War's Fireteam: Dirty Bomb either.

In addition to this, we also get a teaser that could suggest Aetherium Crystal terraforming is on the way!

What could it all mean? Well, Activision has recently leaked information confirming Warzone's Outbreak mode and we should look forward to more information later today or tomorrow.

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Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is on the way and could Kino Der Toten be coming to Cold War Zombies alongside new Operators and Maps?

Treyarch is continuing the "biggest year in Call of Duty history" with Season 2 in a couple of weeks. If Season One is anything to go by, we should expect to see a few new maps, weapons, Operators, and continual playlist updates.

But, even though we just got Firebase Z, could we also see another new map come to Black Ops Cold War next season?

You can check out the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Cinematic Trailer below:

Anyway, onto Kino Der Toten...

Twitter Teasers

Why are we asking these kinds of questions, anyway?

If you're not on Twitter, you might be a little out of the loop but we've got everything you need to know right here.

Both the Treyarch Studios Twitter Account and the Call of Duty Twitter Account have been posting teasers which are building to something Zombies related.

The first teaser, as seen below, seems to show us a very familiar chandelier in a worm-hole of sorts.

Following this, Call of Duty shared another GIF that showcases another strange creature that is obviously Zombies-related.

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The two posts were shared hours apart and not long after the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Cinematic Trailer was revealed.

Combined, they both appear to sign-post an announcement in the near future and that announcement could be that Kino Der Toten is coming back.

Is Kino Der Toten Coming Back?

For starters, the chandelier we see in the first Teaser GIF is almost-certainly the same design that we see in the spawn of Kino Der Toten.

This Steam Community screenshot below gives us a decent look at what it looks like currently:

Kino Der Toten Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Black Ops 3 Steam
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KINO - It can't be a coincidence that we're being teased with a chandelier

Despite it being a fan favourite, Kino Der Toten has already been remastered once before when it was added to the Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles DLC.

With the added scale of the later Call of Duty Zombies maps, is Kino Der Toten the right map to adapt?

We think it could be! Kino Der Toten's outside areas could be opened up more and we could even see a multi-location experience similar to Firebase Z implemented if it was to be remade.

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The second GIF Teaser doesn't give much away though but gives us an insight into another creature that Reqiuem might face in the future.

The Mimics we've seen in Firebase Z look a lot like the special zombies we saw in the original Kino Der Toten and could this new creature be Treyarch updating them?

Kino Der Toten Black Ops Cold War Black Ops 3 Special Zombies
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BEASTS - These Special Zombies are well-overdue a facelift!

Only time will tell...

To keep up to date with any new Call of Duty Zombies announcements, be sure to follow both Treyarch Studios and Call of Duty on Twitter and keep an eye on the Treyarch Blog.

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