Warzone Operation Flashback Playlist: Secrets of the Pacific & More

Warzone's next major title update - and Vanguard Season One - is a little further away from what we initially expected; however, there's a lot to do in Verdansk over the next couple of weeks. Operation Flashback is a new LTM celebrating everything right with Warzone, but there's more to come...


Operation Flashback isn't going anywhere, but there's another update dropping later today and it's set to set off the Secrets of the Pacific event. Call of Duty has been quite quiet about it all, but here's what we know so far:

" This limited-time event developed by Beenox will grant you vital information on Caldera and its various points of interest prior to its launch in December, but only if you complete challenges across Vanguard and Warzone. Each game will have its own set of tasks and rewards for completing them, such as acquiring and protecting Pacific artifacts while fighting to survive in Verdansk."

A few Calling Cards have also been spotted that are expected to be Challenge rewards for this event. You can check them out below:

This event is set to start at the following times on November 24th - we should learn more around then.

  • 10:00 PST
  • 13:00 EST
  • 18:00 GMT


Operation Flashback is a new LTM in Warzone where an in-game event starts every time the circle starts to close. There's also an expanded Buy Station and larger loot pools. Here's all the new content to expect in this LTM...

  • In-Game Events
    • Fire Sale - Discounts at Buy Stations
    • Jailbreak - All eliminated players return
    • Supply Chopper - Significantly reduced health
    • Cash Drop - Plunder Cash Drops in standard BR
    • Loadouts - Can only purchase Loadout Drop Markers during this event
    • Ground Fall - Satellites crash to the ground
    • Hostile Fire - 80s Action Heroes event around Nagatomi Plaza / "Downtown Tower"
    • Restock - All supply boxes refresh
    • Resurgence - All players redeploy if one player is alive
    • Juggernaut Royale - Multiple Juggernaut crates spawn
    • [REDACTED] Weapon Drops - Heavy weapons crates spawn
Warzone Operation Flashback
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BUSY - There's a lot going on in this one
  • New Loot in Item Pool
    • "More Than Rare" - Self-Revive Kit, Precision Airstrike, Cluster Strike, Overdrive Perk, Gas Mask
    • "Incredibly Rare" - Durable Gas Mask, Advanced UAV, 2X Perk, Vault Keycards #1 & #3
    • "Rarest of the Rare" - Hunter Vision, Specialist Token
  • New Buy Station Menu
    • Self-Revive Kit, Armor Plate Bundle, Armor Box, Recon Drone, Munitions Box, Sentry Gun, Loadout Drop Marker, Bombardment, Armored Truck

Other than the fact that there's going to be nine circles instead of eight, this is the same Warzone experience you know and love. It's just a little bit more chaotic! Check out the details in full here.

EVENT DATE - When does it all begin?

We know that Vanguard Season One is dropping on December 2nd - so it looks like Warzone's Operation Flashback is going to start on November 18th. We don't know a lot about the update yet, but it's going to be worth checking out in any case.

We don't know if Verdansk is going to be fully destroyed - but you have to imagine that it's going to survive as one nuclear attack is enough for one city, right? The Warzone Pacific introductory cinematic has Adler, Woods, Hudson, and Mason find Captain Butcher in a Verdansk Bunker.

With any luck, we will just head straight to Caldera without any major explosions...

Operation Flashback Explained

Operation Flashback is a limited-time mode that's designed to be a goodbye to Verdansk before the Pacific Map is introduced. Activision's blog states:

The city and its surrounding area hosted over 100 million players for the past 18 months, and plenty has changed since March 10, 2020. From blasting back to the year 1984 to hosting ’80s Action Heroes and Hauntings, Verdansk proved to be the place to drop in again and again.

Operation Flashback will celebrate all of these moments from the last 18+ months with "plenty of surprises."

We imagine we'll see certain map changes come back, certain events make an appearance in some way, and maybe even the return of night-time mode in the standard battle royale playlists.

As soon as more is revealed on the mode, we'll be sure to let you know.

warzone operation flashback
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Warzone Rewards

Anyone who plays Warzone's Operation Flashback mode will have the chance to earn two cool rewards to use in Warzone Pacific. Those rewards are:

  • An Emblem for participating in the event
  • And an animated Calling Card for those who claim victory!

You'll get the emblem for just playing the mode once, while anyone who wins a match will also get the animated Calling Card to prove it.

As soon as we hear more on what's included in the mode, we'll be sure to let you know.

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