Warzone Pacific Update Release Date: When does the update come out?

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It's time to start saying goodbye to Verdansk - the Warzone Pacific update is almost here and there's so much content being added to Call of Duty's battle royale game. If you want to know what date the Warzone Pacific update is due to release, we have you covered.

RELEASE DATE - When does the new update come out?

Warzone's next update is going to be released at the same time as the Vanguard Season One content and Vanguard is finally going to be integrated into Warzone - there's going to be three games' worth of content available!

We're expecting an update for both games to be made available ahead of time, but the Warzone Pacific update officially releases on December 8th.

Caldera isn't available on December 8th, though. The new Warzone map is actually going to be released on December 9th. You can get Early Access to Caldera, though, and drop into the new Pacific island map a day earlier if you own Vanguard.

Check out the latest information from Call of Duty below:

START DATE - When does the update drop?

Following an unexplained delay, we're looking at the Warzone Pacific update and Vanguard Season One on December 8th. However, Caldera isn't technically out until December 9th!

If you own Vanguard, you can get Early Access - however, there's still going to be Rebirth Island to play on between the end of Verdansk and the introduction of Caldera.

We're still waiting on the full Content Roadmap from Sledgehammer Games, but we're expecting at least three Operators and five weapons. Vanguard integration is going to bring a lot of content to Warzone either way, so it's going to be worth checking out.

ONLY IN WARZONE - Secrets of the Pacific

If you're looking for some Caldera teasers, it looks like you're going to need to play Warzone - not Vanguard. A couple of days ago, the Secrets of the Pacific event was disabled in Vanguard and there's no news of it being available in-game again.

Even still, completing the event challenges in Warzone is going to be easier - and probably less time-consuming too!

Either way, you're going to be getting a new STG 44 Weapon Blueprint if you complete all six challenges and there are some new images of Caldera to discover.

KEY ART - Season One Operators confirmed?

The Key Art for Vanguard Season One has been leaked online and it looks like we're getting a lot of content - it's also confirmed that the original Season 1 Operator leaks were true!

As you can see below, in the tweet from PlayStation Game Size, it looks like there's going to be a major update dropping and the previously-leaked "Anna", "Lewis", and "Francis" are front and centre.

The image also shows us a couple of new-looking weapons, which could be the Well Gun and M1944 Hyde - a pair of lethal Submachine Guns. Only time will tell if that's true, though. We should learn more information from official sources within the next two weeks - we're still a little way off of the update yet.

MORE LEAKS - Is Captain America joining SOTF 1?

We thought it was a bit early in the year to see these sorts of wild leaks, but according to Tom Henderson, we could be seeing Captain America and Indiana Jones in Warzone soon.

We don't know how Captain America and Indiana Jones will appear though, whether they'll be their own Operators or Operator Skins - however, Henderson has corroborated the story with data miners to confirm. We could see more from these two soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

NEW LEAKS - Season 1 Operators revealed?

Call of Duty data miners and leakers have been hard at work uncovering everything that's coming in the Season 1 update. At the moment, only a few Operators have been uncovered.

There's also talk of a Krampus skin for Shigenori and an Attack on Titan collaboration, but the new Season 1 Operators are as follows:

  • Francis - USA
  • Lewis - USA
  • Isabella - Philippines

You can see their default appearances in the Tweet below, provided it hasn't been removed for copyright infractions:

Season One is dropping soon and we should see more information towards the end of the month - so, not long to wait for something more official anyway.

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