Warzone 2 - How to get the Pogba Operator and Bundle

Warzone 2 Pogba

Warzone 2 Pogba

Warzone 2 Season 1 has brought us tons of new content. Whether it's new weapons to unlock via DMZ, or cosmetics in the brand-new Battle Pass, there's something for everyone, but now there's even more heat coming to the Call of Duty Store.

The World Cup crossover is in full swing, with the Support a Team event and Neymar Operator Bundle already live. Now another star is entering the fray, Paul Pogba. Here's how to get your hands on him and what's included.

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Paul Pogba Operator Bundle

In addition to unlocking Paul Pogba as an operator, the bundle comes with a load more content for you to personalise weapons and profiles in Warzone 2. Here's everything that's included:

Warzone 2 Paul Pogba Bundle
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  • Paul Pogba Operator Skin
  • 'Jaw Buster' Finishing move
  • 'Series A' Fennec 45 Blueprint
  • 'Counter Attack' HCR Blueprint
  • 'Offside Ride' ATV Skin
  • 'Pogba 10' Weapon Charm
  • 'Pogba Slide' Weapon Sticker
  • 'La Pioche' Emblem

Pogba joins Neymar Jr as the second World Cup star to appear in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, with Messi expected to arrive soon.

How to get the Paul Pobga Bundle in Warzone 2

The Paul Pogba bundle is available in the store right now and is retailing for 2400 CoD points, or around £/$20. this will of course be cheaper if you've managed to save some CoD points from previous games or the Battle Pass.

We expect the Pogba bundle, along with the Neymar and Messi Bundles, will be available until the World Cup finals on the 18th of December. Unfortunately, we have no confirmed date, but you'll have plenty of time to pick them up.

Check out the trailer for the Modern Warfare FC event below, for all the sneak peeks you could need of the Warzone 2 event.

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