Warzone 2 - How to Unlock Neymar Jr.

Warzone 2 Neymar jr Bundle

Warzone 2 Neymar jr Bundle

Warzone 2 is here, and the World Cup is making its impact on the game, with a brand new event to celebrate and bundles to show your support. New weapons as well as a brand new Battle Pass are also here for season 1, so there's a ton of content to get to grips with.

Neymar Jr. is the first World Cup operator to make an appearance in the new Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. Here's how to get your hands on him as a playable character, and everything you can unlock in the process.

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Warzone 2 Neymar Jr. Bundle Items

The Neymar Jr Bundle is now available in the store, and comes with tons of content to celebrate the crossover. As well as Neymar himself as an operator, the bundle will include:

  • Finishing move: 'All Kicks'
  • Weapon Blueprint: 'The Feared' Bas-P SMG
  • Weapon Blueprint: 'Longball' S0-14 battle rifle
  • Vehicle Skin: 'Ocean Gem'
  • Weapon Charm: 'Neymar Jr. 10'
  • Weapon sticker: 'Speed Boost'
  • Emblem: 'Outrun'
Warzone 2 Neymar bundle
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'The Feared' BAS-P SMG blueprint is a great way to get your hands on the new weapon in Warzone 2 if you've not reached the tier in the Battle Pass just yet. It won't unlock the weapon fully, but you'll be able to level it up with the blueprint ready for unlock.

How to Unlock the Neymar Jr. Bundle

The first World Cup bundle will be available in the Call of Duty store and will retail for 2400 CoD points, or around £16 unless you have some points saved up. It's great value for money though, with tons of content to take into Warzone 2.

Expect more bundles to appear in the shop soon, as the crossover with the World Cup continues. If you're keen to pick up a win with your new operator, check out our loadout guides to make sure you're using the best weapons available.

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