How to Unlock the M13 in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 M13

Warzone 2 M13

Warzone 2 has finally arrived at Season 2 as we head into the new year, with new weapons and a brand new Battle Pass now here. The most exciting update is the new rebirth map, which has dropped with the update, after months of waiting since it was scrapped from Warzone Caldera.

The M13 is one of the most iconic Assault Rifles in Call of Duty, and really packs a punch in Warzone, despite being a little tricky to get. It also fits perfectly into the new meta. Here's how to get your hands on it so you can start building the perfect loadout around it.

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How to Unlock the M13 in Warzone 2

The M13 shares a weapon platform with the BAS-P SMG. unlocked in the Battle Pass, and with the new Chimera Assault Rifle arriving in the midseason. However, the M13 unlock is less straightforward.

To unlock the M13 for Warzone 2, you'll need to drop into DMZ, and head over to the radiation zone. Pick up a gas mask first, and get your squad together for the best chance.

Warzone 2 dmz chemist
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Then you'll need to find the chemist, recognisable by his yellow hazmat suit. Once you've slain him, he'll drop the M13B blueprint. Running over him in a vehicle used to be the trick, but sadly now this has been patched, and you'll need a strategy as a squad.

Unfortunately, only the player holding the blueprint when you exfil will unlock the M13. However, simply drop back in with the weapon, drop it to your friend, and exfil again, and the M13 will unlock for both of you in Warzone 2.

Check out our M13 loadout guide for how to turn your new Assault Rifle into a killing machine.

How to Unlock the BAS-P SMG

The other weapon currently available in the Bruen Ops platform is the BAS-P SMG. The gun is unlockable for free via the Battle Pass for Season 1, and is well worth the modest grind.

Warzone 2 Bas p SMG
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Complete section A6 and the BAS-P is the High-Value Target for that section. If the weapon specifically is your goal, you'll only need 15 tokens to unlock it for Warzone 2.

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