Vanguard Season One Reloaded Start Date: Mid-Season update has dropped

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Vanguard's mid-season update is here and it's a big one for Zombies fans. There's not a lot of multiplayer content coming, but there are a few changes worth talking about. Here's everything you need to know about the new "Season One Reloaded" update following its release.

LATEST - All new Zombies content confirmed

Vanguard Zombies has finally received a substantial content update - however, there's still a long way to go to bring this in line with what fans want from the title. For now, though, here's what Treyarch has added...

  • New Der Anfang Objective
    • Void - new "Survival Gameplay" mode accessed from Von List's Office;
  • New Der Anfang Location
    • Von List's Office being added to Der Anfang map as a new unlockable area;
  • Pack-a-Punch Camos added
    • Three new Pack-a-Punch Camos added;
  • Tome of Rituals Feature
    • This is expected to be introducing a Dark Aether artefact upgrade feature;
  • New Weapons
    • This will include craftable Support Killstreaks and a Mystery Box update;
      • Combat Shield, Warmachine, & Deathmachine;
  • New Zombies Challenges
    • Weapon Unlock Challenges will include Zombies-based alternative;
      • Katana & Welgun
  • Server Pause Features
    • This should work with both multiplayer and solo Zombies games;

If you're looking for the full set of Patch Notes, you can check them out here. There are some balancing changes and a few bug fixes, but nothing too substantial.

When does Season One Reloaded release?

Looking at the start date for Vanguard's current season - and considering the fact that 'Reloaded' updates are always released at the halfway point - we should see the Season One Reloaded update for Vanguard release at these times:

  • January 12th-13th
    • 21:00 PST
    • 00:00 EST
    • 05:00 GMT

The times above mark the halfway point of Vanguard Season One and we're not sure whether we'll see the update so soon after the Festive Fervor Event ends - Sledgehammer Games might wait a little longer.

What are we expecting to see?

At the moment, a lot of Vanguard Season One Reloaded's content is unknown. We do know that we should see SOTF Trident's third prong - Isabella - released to complete the set of new Operators for Season One. In addition to this, the long-rumoured Attack on Titan crossover bundle is expected to be added to the in-game Store.

However, the rest remains a mystery. Vanguard's Zombies mode should be getting a minor update, but Treyarch has only really shared information with us that we're getting another new 'splinter-map' for Der Anfang. We're not sure this is really going to be enough to save Der Anfang from its current state. We can only hope that there's more in the works...

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