Warzone Festive Fervor Event: Release time, Vanguard update, & Krampus

It's the holiday season and despite Caldera's sunny disposition, Christmas is coming to the Pacific island - however, that's not always a good thing. The Festive Fervor Event is introducing new limited-time game modifiers, Krampus, and a few free rewards for the festive period. Here's what time the Festive Fervor Event is due to start in both Warzone and Vanguard.

When does the Festive Fervor Event start?

Call of Duty's new event is due to start at the following times:

  • 21:00 PST (December 16th)
  • 00:00 EST (December 17th)
  • 05:00 GMT (December 17th)

If you've not seen a title update drop for Warzone yet, fear not - the Vanguard update was released on December 15th but the Warzone update is due to arrive at the time specified above.

Vanguard Warzone Festive Fervor Event Content Roadmap Start
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CONTENT ROADMAP - What's coming during the event?

If you're looking for new content, fear not... The Festive Fervor Event is going to add the following to Call of Duty Vanguard:

  • Festive Fervor Event Challenges - Currently unknown;
  • Elf Team Six - Hunting them across Multiplayer;
  • Krampus - hunting you across Multiplayer;
  • Shipmas - Christmas variant Shipment;
  • Armageddon Mode - Festive variant Drop Zone playlist update;

However, it's going to add the following to Warzone - it's a little different but should still hit the same core notes the Vanguard content hits:

  • Festive Fervor Event Challenges - Currently unknown;
  • Festive Fir Trees - New in-game locations that offer rewards;
  • Elf Team Six - Hunting Gnomes across Caldera;
  • Krampus - Hunting you across Caldera;

There's also going to be store sales going on throughout the event's duration and a Free Multiplayer Access weekend from the start of December 17th to the end of December 18th. The 12 Festive Days of Deals sale is only available in Warzone, though. This is due to the fact that it's only discounting Black Ops Cold War and Warzone content.

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