Vanguard Season One Cooper Carbine Guide: How to Unlock & Loadouts

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Call of Duty Vanguard's Cooper Carbine is an Assault Rifle you're going to want to get familiar with when the Season One update drops. It's a lighter Assault Rifle option with a lot of traits you'd see in a Submachine Gun, offering a solid mid-range option for those of you quick on your feet. We have everything you need to know about how you can unlock the Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle and what loadouts you should check out.

Cooper Carbine - How to unlock this Assault Rifle

If you want to get your hands on the Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle, you're going to need to start levelling the Season One Battle Pass as soon as you can.

It's available at launch as the free reward for reaching Tier 15 of the Season One Battle Pass. Of course, you can also unlock this weapon by acquiring a Weapon Blueprint from a Store Bundle and you should be able to find it in Warzone Pacific and from the Mystery Box from Zombies - if you want to use it before you've unlocked it.

Vanguard Season One Cooper Carbine Content Roadmap
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CONTENT ROADMAP - The Cooper Carbine is just one part of this

Here's what Call of Duty has had to say about the new weapon...

" [The Cooper Carbine] could best be compared to the Automaton, another popular fast-firing Assault Rifle that community members have gravitated toward since launch. By default, the Cooper Carbine has a slightly slower rate of fire, shorter effective range, and a bit more horizontal recoil, but in exchange offers better damage per shot, quicker centring speed, and a bigger default magazine."

Loadout Options - Speed is key for this weapon

At the moment, we don't have access to the full list of attachments available for the Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle.

However, we can recommend that players check out the following perks when setting up their Cooper Carbine loadout:

Perk One Option:

  • Dauntless - Immune to movement reducing effects;
  • Serpentine (New for Season One) - Sprinting reduces incoming damage;

Perk Two Option

  • Radar - Enemies appear on mini-map when firing unsilenced weapons;
  • Forward Intel - Enemy reinforcements indicator and larger mini-map area;

Perk Three Option

  • Lightweight - Increase movement speed;
  • Double Time - Double duration of Tactical Sprint and faster crouch movement;

Vanguard Season One is due to start on December 8th on all platforms.

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