Vanguard Season One Release Time: When does the new Battle Pass start?

The Warzone Pacific update is on the way, but there's a lot to look forward to with Call of Duty Vanguard's Season One update dropping alongside it. If you're looking for information on the new Battle Pass and when Vanguard Season One is due to start, we have you covered.

Important Battle Pass Tiers - What can you unlock?

If you're looking to get your hands on some new weapons - or the two new perks that are going to be available in Vanguard following the Season One update - we have you covered. All the new content is being added to the Season One Battle Pass and here's when you can get your hands on it all...

  • Tier 10 - Desert Cover Operator Skin (Halima)
  • Tier 15 - Cooper Carbine Base Blueprint (Assault Rifle)
  • Tier 20 - Konara Operator Skin (Shigenori)
  • Tier 21 - Serpentine Perk (Perk One)
    • Sprinting reduces incoming damage;
  • Tier 31 - Gorenko Anti-Tank Base Blueprint (Sniper Rifle)
Vanguard Season One Battle Pass Gorenko
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GORENKO - It's the PTRS-41, basically
  • Tier 37 - Sawtooth Base Blueprint (Melee Weapon)
  • Tier 39 - Special Incendiary Grenade (Lethal Equipment)
    • A limited, handheld version of the Firebombing Run killstreak;
  • Tier 44 - Intuition Perk (Perk One)
    • Vision pulses when enemies are nearby, through walls and obstacles;
  • Tier 90 - Rising Legend Operator Skin (Polina)
  • Tier 100 - Awoken Operator Skin (Francis)
  • Tier 100 - Harvester Weapon Blueprint (Assault Rifle)
Vanguard Season One Battle Pass
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AWOKEN - Francis is here and he's making a mark

When does Vanguard Season 1 start?

Sledgehammer Games has not revealed whether preloading will be available for Vanguard's next title update, but the content that will be included in it is expected to be available at the following times:

  • 09:00 PST - December 8th
  • 12:00 EST - December 8th
  • 17:00 GMT - December 8th

Call of Duty is neglecting Vanguard a little bit in favour of covering Warzone's Pacific update - which is understandable when you consider how much the game makes for Activision. However, we do know a little bit about what to expect.

Here's what Call of Duty had to say at the bottom of their blog post about the Warzone Pacific update...

" Head back here soon and expect to learn about the two free functional weapons, new Operator, Zombies content, Multiplayer modes, and two maps all coming on December 8. That includes a Pacific-inspired take on a fan-favourite classic Call of Duty map…
Vanguard Season 1 Start Time
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NEW FACES - What are they up to on Caldera?
" Later in the season, expect the two other Operators of S.O.T.F. 006, an additional core Multiplayer map and a returning small-team tactical mode, more information on what’s coming soon in Zombies, another free weapon unlocked via Challenges, and a festive celebration across both games… all of which, and much more, are locked and loaded to carry us through the holiday season and into the new year."

None of this is very detailed, but we should see the PTRS-41 Sniper Rifle added to Vanguard alongside the M1944 Hyde and Well Gun SMGs. As for the Operators, well... you can check out the cinematic below for a look at them:

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