Vanguard Season One Patch Notes: Update Time, Dome Remake, & New Guns

Vanguard's pre-season has been fairly successful, but it's about time for some new content - right? The Season One update is right around the corner and Sledgehammer Games has some fantastic content lined up and a solid update to keep things competitive. If you're looking for the full set of Patch Notes for the Season One update, we've got you covered.

Patch Notes - All the changes coming in Season One

The Season One update is due to release on December 8th - but that doesn't mean all the content listed below is coming on the same day. We'll aim to provide accurate dates where they are available.

New Content - Day One (December 8th)

  • New Multiplayer Maps
    • Paradise - Medium-sized three-lane
    • Radar - Reimagined MW3 Dome
  • New Multiplayer Perks
    • Serpentine - Reduce incoming damage while sprinting
    • Intuition - Players are alerted to nearby enemies, even through walls
  • New Lethal Equipment
    • Incendiary Grenades - Fire-based explosive grenade
  • New Weapons
    • Cooper Carbine - Assault Rifle, Tier 15 Battle Pass
    • Gorenko Anti-Tank - Sniper Rifle, Tier 31 Battle Pass
    • Sawtooth - Melee, Tier 37 Battle Pass
  • New Zombies Content
    • New Objective - Purge, capture the Control Runes in an area
    • New Covenants - 14 new upgrades available from the Altar of the Covenants
    • "New" Weapons - Launchers are now available in Zombies
Vanguard Season One Patch Notes
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DOME IS BACK - With a little bit more sand than last time

New Content - Week One (Before December 15th)

  • New Multiplayer Playlist
    • Control - Defend and Attack zones with limited respawns
  • New Weapons
    • Katana - Melee, in-game Challenges or Store Bundle

Multiplayer Updates

  • Gameplay
    • Did an overall pass on Mounting. Players reported issues regarding mount height and objects not appearing mountable.
  • Weapon Balancing (Coming December 9th)
    • General
      • Corrected Loadouts using 7 Round Mags so the total ammo count is divisible by 7.
    • M1 Garand
      • Reduced Recoil.
    • Type 99
      • Reduced Aim Flinch.
      • Reduced ADS Time.
      • Retain One Shot Kill potential for chest shots when smaller caliber ammo is used.
    • 3-Line Rifle
      • Reduced ADS Time.
    • Kar98
      • Retain One Shot Kill potential for chest shots when smaller calibre ammo is used.
    • Sniper Attachments
      • Hollow Points now reduce range.
    • Top Break
      • Using lower calibre ammo now reduces range instead of damage
    • Shotguns
      • Buck and Slugs
        • Reduced ADS speed penalty.
        • Reduced headshot multiplier.
      • Birdshot
        • Reduced headshot multiplier.
  • Gunsmith
    • Custom Mods: players can save custom builds.
    • Adjusted the camera position when selecting specific weapons or attachments. Players reported the weapon preview was cut off for a handful of attachments.
  • In-Game Changes
    • Bug where players would load into game with an invisible weapon has been fixed.
    • Combat Shields now correctly display skins while stowed.
  • Progression & Camo Challenges
    • XP
      • XP rates have been increased for Snipers.
    • 3-Line Rifle
      • Bloodthirsty Challenges have been changed to Prone Challenges

Killstreak Updates

  • Mortar Barrage ( Coming December 9th)
    • Improves visibility by reducing full-screen smoke effects. As a result, players need to be closer to the barrage to be affected.
  • Flamenaut
    • Added damage direction indicators for players using Flamenaut.
  • Fire Bombing Run
    • Fixed issue where players did not see where the fire VFX started, resulting in players taking damage though they were not standing in the flames.
  • Attack Dogs
    • Fixed a missing VFX path when the whistling animation plays.
  • UI
    • Performance pass on Killstreak decals to reduce flickering.

Field Upgrade Changes

  • Dead Drop
    • Fixed a bug where players were continually awarded their top killstreak when using Dead Drop.
    • Charge time has been doubled.
  • Goliath
    • Made it easier to determine if a deployed Goliath is friendly

Challenges Updates

  • Fixed an issue with “Grizzled Veteran - Get X Eliminations in Hardcore Mode” not tracking properly.

Progression Updates

  • Fixed bug preventing some players from unlocking reticles.

Multiplayer Map Changes

  • Demyansk
    • Fixed an exploit where players could exit the map.
  • Oasis
    • Fixed exploits where players could exit the map.
  • Tuscan
    • Fixed a rare issue where players spawn outside of the map.
  • Numa Numa
    • Fixed a rare issue where players spawn outside of the map.
  • Shipment (Coming December 9th)
    • Adjusted spawn logic to prevent spawn traps.

Menu / UI Changes

  • Clan UI
    • Fixed a bug where player names were blank in “incoming clan requests” if the request was received while in the Clan Request menu.
  • XP Notifications
    • Players will see a warning when equipping 2XP tokens while a global 2XP event is running.

Zombies Updates

Vanguard Season One Patch Notes Zombies
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PURGE THE UNDEAD - Zombies is off to a slow start
  • New Purge Objective
    • Purge the Augmentors from existence by capturing powerful Control Runes throughout the area.
    • Augmentors will spawn waves of enemies as a defence mechanism as players attempt to capture the Control Runes.
    • Survive the enemy waves and successfully capture all Control Runes within the time limit for a perfect Objective completion and bonus rewards (Max Ammo, Max Armor, and Bonus Points power-ups).
    • Fail to capture all Control Runes before the time limit expires, and a huge horde of zombies will spawn that must be taken down to complete the Objective with standard rewards.
  • New Covenants Available
    • Brimstone
      • Deal damage to nearby enemies (Rare/Epic/Legendary).
    • Deadshot
      • Aiming down sights snaps the crosshairs to headshot location on enemies. Bonus damage on the first critical attack for each enemy. Removes weapon sway (Rare/Epic).
    • Dead Wire
      • Stuns an enemy (Rare/Epic). Stuns an enemy and nearby enemies (Legendary).
    • Scrapper
      • Gain more Salvage from pickups (Rare/Epic). Gain more Salvage from pickups and Objective rewards (Legendary).
    • Swift Vengeance
      • Deal more damage the faster you move. Activates shortly after you start moving. Fire while sprinting (Rare/Epic). Activates immediately upon moving (Legendary).
  • Challenges & Progression Updates
    • Added new Zombies Career Challenges to the Barracks with unique Calling Card and XP bonus rewards.
    • Added 20 Zombies Season Challenges to the Barracks with a unique Calling Card and XP bonus rewards to earn, including a Season One Master Calling Card for completing all 20 challenges.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from unlocking the Dark Aether Completionist camo.
  • Bug Fixes & Stability Updates
    • Addressed an issue that prevented Pack-a-Punched Shotguns with 10 Round Drums from reloading all 10 rounds in a single reload animation.
    • Addressed an issue that could incorrectly flag un-upgraded weapons as Pack-a-Punch Level 1.
    • Closed various exploits including out-of-map exploits.
    • Fixed a stability issue related to the Frost Blast Artifact.
    • Fixed a stability issue related to multi-kills obtained via Equipment.

You can check out Sledgehammer Games' full set of Patch Notes here.

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