26 Nov 2021 1:30 PM +00:00 UTC

Warzone Pacific Map: How to get Early Access, Caldera, & Update Notes

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Warzone's next major title update is almost here and there's a lot to look forward to - if you're looking for a chance to get ahead of the crowd and jump into Caldera early, you can. At the moment, you can also check out the Secrets of the Pacific event on Verdansk '84 for an insight into what to expect.

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When does the Warzone Pacific update drop?

Vanguard Season One and the Warzone Pacific update has been pushed back by a week and now it's due to launch on December 8th. Caldera, though, the new Warzone map, is actually due to release on December 9th. The final days of Verdansk are going to be busy and there's going to be an interesting switch between the maps on the cards - however, we're being led to believe that it will be more Verdansk-based than Caldera-based.

Rebirth Island is still going to be playable in Warzone, though, so it isn't going to be a complete switch. However, the Warzone Pacific update is reportedly going to move the game onto an updated engine - the one Vanguard uses - so it should feel like a refined experience across the board.

Warzone Pacific Update Map Early Access
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IT'S BUSY THIS TIME OF YEAR - Caldera is a holiday hot spot!

As you can see above, Caldera looks like it's going to be quite a different experience to Verdansk - however, will this be a good thing? The increased foliage is going to force different strategies into Warzone and the meta is going to be shaken up significantly with the introduction of Vanguard's selection of Second World War weapons.

If you want to play Caldera a little early, though, here's how...


How to get Early Access to Caldera

Caldera might be coming on December 9th, but there is a way you can play it one day earlier - on December 8th at the same time as the Warzone Pacific update.

If you own Call of Duty Vanguard, or if you buy it before the Warzone Pacific update, you can actually play the Warzone Caldera map a day early. You didn't need to preorder the game, you just need to own it.

At the moment, Call of Duty Vanguard is on sale - there are a lot of Black Friday Deals out there worth checking out.

warzone pacific map, early access
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We don't know how exactly Early Access will work - but we can imagine that you have to open up Warzone via Vanguard following the Warzone Pacific update to access the locked playlist.


New Pacific Map Screenshots

Alongside the reveal of how to get early access, Activision released some new screenshots for the Caldera map, showcasing how different it is to Verdansk.

Below are the newest screenshots, and you can also take another look at the reveal trailer from a few weeks ago to see how they match.