Vanguard Captain America Operator: Leaks, Release Date, and More

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Assemble your COD Points, it looks like the First Avenger is headed to Call of Duty Vanguard at some point in the future. Captain America could be dropping as an Operator in the coming months and we don't know what to think. Here's everything you need to know...

LEAK - Captain America Operator Bundle?

A well-known leaker in the gaming industry, Tom Henderson, has suggested that Disney and Activision have been working on bringing Captian America to Call of Duty Vanguard over the last few months. Indiana Jones is also given a mention here, as you can see below:


At the moment, he hasn't touched on the capacity of this collaboration - however, looking at Black Ops Cold War's licensed content would suggest that this could be either a Captain America Operator or an Operator Bundle with a Captain America skin. If we are getting a Captain America skin, Wade Jackson seems like the most likely to be getting that.

However, only time will tell. Black Ops Cold War saw John Rambo, John McClane, and Ghostface added as Operators and Donnie Darko's Frank the Rabbit and Judge Dredd added as Operator Skins. Both are possible and both will set you back 2400 COD Points - either way.

Henderson has also gone on to say that a data miner has sent him code that would suggest an in-game event is coming. We're guessing that this would be something along the lines of the 80s Action Heroes event we saw midseason last year - that introduced John McClane and Rambo.


Vanguard Season One is due to drop on December 2nd and we're expecting more news about what's coming soon. We don't think Captain America will arrive as an Operator just yet, but we could see more leaks regarding this content in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.