Warzone Pacific Map: What engine does the new map use?

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The Secrets of the Pacific event is just starting and we're gearing up for a fantastic first season of Call of Duty Vanguard content and a major update for Warzone. Caldera is going to replace Verdansk and we can't wait for the Warzone Pacific update to drop. We have one question though - given the fact that Warzone is so buggy... What engine is the new Warzone map going to be using?

Here's what we know so far.


What engine is the new Warzone map on?

If you're hoping for an enhanced and improved Warzone experience when the Warzone Pacific update drops, you're in luck!

Warzone is officially becoming Warzone Pacific and Caldera is being built with the same technology on the same engine as Call of Duty Vanguard. It's going to be "visually appealing" and ready to support all of Vanguard's content alongside the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weaponry.

It isn't the news we were hoping for, though - Warzone needs a next-generation update if it wants to maintain its position and compete with other battle royale titles. It's only a matter of time before Apex Legends makes the jump and Fortnite has been there for months, now.

Warzone Engine Pacific Map
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SUNNY SIDE UP - It's time for a new dawn in Warzone

However, it's far from a bad thing. Warzone will need a hefty update, but it won't be as bad as it could be. Caldera is reportedly the same size as Verdansk and it sounds like there's going to be a straight swap between the two. Call of Duty Vanguard is notably smaller than the last two Call of Duty titles, so hopefully, the Warzone Pacific update will lend itself some of these technologies and techniques to make a more manageable experience.

That being said, we're just not sure how big the Warzone Pacific update is going to be yet. We'll find out soon, but it has been pushed back by a week. So... Not that soon.