What time does the "Last Hours of Verdansk" playlist start in Warzone?

The Warzone Pacific update is almost here and we're in the last hours of Verdansk - it's all come around so fast and there's still a lot of Verdansk to play, but its' days are numbered and we're only going to be able to play so many games on this map now.

If you're wondering when the "Last Hours of Verdansk" playlist is set to go live - and what it's even all about - we have everything you need to know...

When does the "Last Hours of Verdansk" playlist start?

This Warzone playlist - which will be the final limited-time playlist Verdansk is ever going to get - is going to start at the following times...

Last Hours of Verdansk Start

  • 10:00 PST - December 6th
  • 13:00 EST - December 6th
  • 18:00 GMT - December 6th

Following this, the Warzone servers are scheduled for a short period of downtime between now and the Warzone Pacific update. This is set to begin at the following times and should last around 12 hours.

Last Hours of Verdansk End

  • 21:00 PST - December 7th
  • 00:00 EST - December 8th
  • 05:00 GMT - December 8th

The "Last Hours of Verdansk" playlist is going to be available for around 35 hours - from start to finish.

At the moment, we don't have any information about what this playlist is going to introduce to Warzone and Verdansk - however, Call of Duty Warzone's Trello Board has the event playlist under an iconography of what looks like a crashing plane. You can check that out below:

We know Call of Duty likes to surprise players, but will this one be worth the wait? You have to imagine Raven Software want to see Verdansk out with a bang - we're not sure they're going to nuke it again but the event playlist should be worth checking out.

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