Xbox Game Pass September 2022: Games, Release Dates, Leaving & More

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It's a brand new month so a unique selection of Xbox Game Pass additions will be making their way to subscribers soon.

Every month sees a brand new set of titles join the constantly growing library of Xbox Game Pass games but also sees beloved titles depart the service entirely. Here is everything we know about the Xbox Game Pass September Line-up


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Xbox Game Pass September Line-Up

Below you will find an up-to-date list of every title in the Xbox Game Pass September line-up of games arriving and leaving. Keep checking this article for updates throughout the month as more games are announced.

September 1st - Grid Legends

Grid Legends is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

GRID Legends delivers thrilling wheel-to-wheel motorsport action. Create dream race events, hop into live races, experience a dramatic virtual production story, and embrace the sensation of spectacular racing.

September 6th - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Explore a world filled with the magic of Disney as you discover rich stories and build the perfect neighborhood alongside Disney and Pixar heroes and villains in this new life-sim adventure game. Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

September 6th - Train Sim World 3

Train Sim World 3 is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Conquer American mountains as you haul incredible tonnage with the workhorses of the industry, get the British capital’s commuters to work in record time and race state-to-state aboard German high-speed traction. Master the machine with Train Sim World 3.

September 13th - Fallout 76: The Pitt

Fallout 76's The Pitt Expansion is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Bethesda Game Studios welcome you to Fallout 76. Twenty-five years after the bombs fall, you and your fellow Vault Dwellers emerge into post-nuclear America. Explore a vast wasteland in this open-world multiplayer addition to the Fallout story. This expansion sees you return to The Pitt from Fallout 3


September 20th - Hardspace Shipbreaker

Hardspace Shipbreaker is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Equipped with cutting-edge salvaging tech, carve & slice spaceships to recover valuable materials. Upgrade your gear to take on more lucrative contracts and pay your billion credits debt to LYNX Corp!

September 22nd - Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Beacon Pines is a cute and creepy adventure game. Sneak out late, make new friends, uncover hidden truths, and collect words that will change the course of fate!

September 22nd - Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Continue the adventures of Beatrix LeBeau as she journeys across the Slime Sea to Rainbow Island, a land brimming with ancient mysteries, and bursting with wiggly, new slimes to wrangle in this sequel to the smash-hit, Slime Rancher.

September 27th - Moonscars

Moonscars is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Push the limits of your combat skills, and master new abilities to progress through an unforgiving nonlinear 2D world. Face off against the relentless darkness that seeks to destroy you. In Moonscars, every death is a lesson learnt—and as you overcome each challenge, new truths will be revealed.

September 27th - Grounded (Full Release)

Grounded is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place – especially when you have been shrunk to the size of an ant. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard?