COD Vanguard: "Connection Failed Update Required" Error takes players offline

Call of Duty Vanguard is currently experiencing a new error that is keeping players offline after preloading the next update.

This issue comes from the "Connection Failed: An update is required" error message which players are receiving when trying to load up Call of Duty Vanguard after preloading tonight's patch. We've seen this error previously in early December, and while it subsided after the update launched, it was never solved beforehand, keeping thousands of players offline.

Here's what we know so far about these new Vanguard issues and how players can get online despite them.

Connection Failed Error Takes Players Offline

If you got ahead by preloading the next Call of Duty Vanguard update, you may find yourself stuck with a new error for your troubles.

This error message has displayed most for players on the PS5 that have preloaded Vanguard Version 1.008, and won't let players into the game as a result.

Call of Duty Vanguard Error Connection Failed Message
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DUHOK-LESTER?: This new version of Connection Failed is plaguing the Vanguard PS5 community

There's very little understood about this error yet, which itself cites the reason "DUHOK - LESTER". Sledgehammer Games has previously tackled these same issues last month, though a solution wasn't found before the update went live, which then fixed the issue for PS5 players after a long wait and no solutions before it.

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How to Fix the Connection Failed Error

At the moment, we don't have any real solution for the new Vanguard error, and neither does Sledgehammer Games. The best way to avoid it, for now, is by not preloading the next update. This is especially true for PS5 players.

Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.008 preload
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FALSE START: Players that preloaded the next Vanguard update may experience the new error message

The last time this error message arose, Sledgehammer Games worked towards a solution but couldn't land on one before the patch eventually launched, which itself cleared things up.

One thing we can recommend against doing to be able to play Vanguard before its next patch launch is deleting your preloaded update to try again. Many players have tried this to no avail, so it's worth saving your time instead.

We'll update with all of the latest information here as it arrives!

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