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Apex Legends Christmas Event 2021: We're skipping Holo-Day Bash this year

Respawn Entertainment has finally confirmed the Season 11 Collection Event and what we're getting for Christmas this year - if you were looking forward to something festive, we hate to break it to you but the Collection Event on the cards isn't very festive. Here's everything we know...

UPDATE - Raiders replacing Holo-Day Bash in 2021

Apex Legends' next Collection Event - that's slated to start on December 7th and run until December 21st - is going to be the Raiders Collection Event. This is a pirate-themed event that's introducing Wattson's Heirloom item - so it's worth checking out.

You can check out the event's trailer below:

If you're looking for something related to Christmas in this event, the only thing on offer is the Winter Express LTM. At the moment, there's no word when any festive cosmetics will be available. They should pop up at some point, though...

CHRISTMAS EVENT - Everything we know so far

In the first year, Mirage's Holo-Day Bash ran from December 12th to January 7th - it was almost four weeks long and brought a slew of new cosmetic items to the game alongside some major map changes and an LTM. The second year's Holo-Day Bash started December 1st, running until January 4th. Again, another month-long celebration.

With Apex Legends only growing, we're expecting something spectacular to follow on from this event - however, we're not sure it should be Mirage's Holo-Day Bash again.

The 2021 Apex Legends Christmas Event could start at any point in December, but we're expecting something on December 7th or December 14th. We're also only expecting a three-week event this time around. With Arenas now in play alongside the main Battle Royale, Respawn Entertainment are going to need to appeal to both groups of players with their next festive event - so... It might be a little more condensed.

We should see a return of some fan-favourite Holo-Day Bash and Christmas-themed cosmetic items in addition to a handful of new skins. However, we won't find out what these are until we're much closer to the event.

Apex Legends Christmas Event 2021
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FESTIVE - Get those Apex Coins ready!

At the moment, every Apex Legends event has a Reward Track included and we don't think the 2021 Christmas Event is going to be any different - these are often a healthy mix of Weapon Charms, Weapon Skins, Banner Trackers and Apex Packs. We should see at least one festive Legend skin show up, too!

As we approach December, more information will start to appear and we'll keep this updated with the latest news.

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