How to Claim Apex Legends Twitch Prime Rewards

Apex Legends just gets bigger all the time. With new events, seasons and characters, there's a lot to catch up on.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, that gets even bigger with more skins to collect. Here's how to claim yours.

Claiming Twitch Prime Rewards

As you might expect, the first step is to have an Amazon account and an EA account. From here, sign up to Amazon Prime (they tend to give away a free month quite frequently).

Once you've done this, you simply have to click on this link and claim your rewards. It will get you to sign into your EA account but, once you've done that, you should have the skins available to you on your account.

What Else Can You Claim?

If you just got the skin and are looking for what to get next, head to the home tab and have a look around.

Generally, Prime rewards do a good job at rewarding popular multiplayer games. For those who aren't interested in multiplayer, they tend to give out a few nice indies each month. Here are a few bundles you should get.

If you like Rockstar games, you can pick up the Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station and up to $1M in GTA online. If the life of a cowboy is more your speed, you can get a bounty hunter license, some cash, trimmed amethyst, a discount on some outfits and a bunch more in Red Dead Online.

You can get bonuses to Fall Guys, League of Legends, Black Desert, Destiny 2 and a multitude of other games right now.

You can also pick up Beholder, Iris and the Giant, Healers quest and a few more indie titles to play whenever you like.

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