Apex Legends Switch performance and resolution confirmed

Apex Legends is due to arrive on Nintendo Switch today, bringing a whole group of new players into the battle royale.

However, since the Switch is lower powered than the other platforms that the game is on, it's important to know what performance to expect from it.

Apex Legends Switch Resolution

The resolutions of Apex Legends in both handheld and docked mode for Switch have been revealed.

It will run at 720p in docked mode and 576p in handheld mode.

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Frame Rate & Performance

While seasoned Apex Legends players will be used to playing in 60fps, the game will be playable at 30 fps on Switch.

It is locked at that framerate, so it is the same whether you're playing in handheld or docked mode.

It also shouldn't dip below that figure, so it should run okay at all times, no matter how you're playing it.

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Switch UI Changes

Since you're going to be playing at a lower resolution, and possibly on a smaller screen, you'd probably have issues seeing everything clearly in Apex Legends' standard UI format.

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Thankfully, a new UI has been worked on for the Switch that'll make everything easier to see, no matter what form of the Switch you're playing on.

You will be able to play Apex Legends on Switch with players on other platforms too.

Crossplay is enabled by default, but you can head into the settings to turn it off if you would like.

Switch Release Time

Apex Legends will be live on Switch at 1pm ET and 6pm GMT on March 9, so keep an eye out for the download to appear on the eShop, alongside the Chaos Theory Event update.

For more on the update and Switch version of Apex, we'll have everything you need to know.

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