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GTA Online Weekly Update for March 11 is here

The new GTA Online Weekly update, this time for Thursday, March 11, is out for all players right now.

Just as any weekly GTA Online update does, it includes loads of cool discounts, some free content, and extra bonuses for Twitch Prime subscribers.

Below, we've got all the information you need on what's arrived as part of the new update.

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Updated March 11 GTA Online Weekly Update

We've got the confirmed content down below, which has been pointed out by the GTA Online Sub Reddit, so thanks to the hard workers over there.

Podium Vehicle

  • HVY Nightshark

Discounted Content

  • 25% off Mammoth Squaddie (GTA$ 847,500)
  • 40% off HVY Chernobog (GTA$ 1,987,020 / 1,494,000)
  • 10% off Progen Emerus (GTA$ 2,475,000)
  • 40% off All Facilities
  • 40% off Renovations Facilities
  • 40% off Rhino (GTA$ 900,000)
  • 40% off Buckingham Miljet (GTA$ 1,020,000)
  • 40% off Benefactor Terrorbyte (GTA$ 825,000)
  • 40% off Widowmaker - Laser Weapon (GTA$ 299,400)
  • 40% off Unholy Hellbringer - Laser Weapon (GTA$ 269,400)

Twitch Prime Bonuses

  • 80% off HVY Barrage (GTA$ 424,270 / 319,000)
  • 80% off HVY Brickade (GTA$ 222,000)
  • 10% off Vetir (GTA$ 1,467,000 / 1,100,250)

Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities

  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Transform Races
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Adversary Mode - Hunting Pack (Remix)
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Contact Missions - Martin Madrazo
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Contact Missions - Lamar Davis
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Business Battles

Time Trial

  • Galileo Park, Par Time undefined

RC Bandito Time Trial

  • Construction Site I, Par Time 01:50:00

Premium Race

  • Eight Figure Bonus

Keep an eye on us here as more content is revealed.

Weekly Release Time & Date

The GTA Online weekly update for March 11 will arrive between 4-5am ET / 9-10am GMT, as they do every week.


Last Weeks Update

Update: Now that the March 11 update has dropped, the following discounts are no longer available.

Check out what was on offer last week to get an idea of what to expect from the next update.

Vehicle Discount Sales

  • 40% off Buckingham Akula (GTA$ 2,222,430 / 1,671,000)
  • 40% off Jobuilt P-996 LAZER (GTA$ 3,900,000)
  • 40% off FH-1 Hunter (GTA$ 2,473,800 / 1,860,000)
  • 40% off Savage (GTA$ 1,556,100 / 1,170,000)50% off Galaxy Super Yacht The Orion (GTA$ 3,000,000)
  • 50% off Galaxy Super Yacht The Pisces (GTA$ 3,500,000)50% off Galaxy Super Yacht The Aquarius (GTA$ 4,000,000)40% off Mammoth Avenger (GTA$ 2,872,500 / 2,070,000)
  • 40% off Vehicle Workshop Mammoth Avenger (GTA$ 453,000)
  • 40% off Weapon Workshop Mammoth Avenger (GTA$ 147,000)
  • 40% off Principe Deveste Eight (GTA$ 1,077,000)40% off Pegassi Zorrusso (GTA$ 1,155,000)
  • Other Discounts - 60% off All Hangars
There's a big discount on hangers this week
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There's a big discount on hangers this week

GTA Online Weekly Bonuses

2x GTA$ & RP on:

  • Stockpile
  • Sea Races
  • Air Races
  • A Superyacht Life
  • Air Freight
  • Hidden Caches
  • Treasure Chests

Premium Race: Downtown Underground

Time Trial: Elysian Island

RC Time Trial: Power Station

GTA Online New Podium Car

The podium vehicle last week was the Bravado Verlierer, a two-door sports added as part of the Executives and Other Criminals update.

This vehicle is still available until March 11th so you've still got some time to grab it before it rotates out.

The Bravado Verlierer in GTA Online
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The Bravado Verlierer (pronounced as fur-lee-rah) is a two-door sports car

GTA Online Twitch Prime Rewards

There are also some new Twitch Prime bonuses for players to grab this week.

Assuming you have an active membership, which is linked to your Rockstar Social Club account, you can grab;

  • Free Kosatka Sonar Station
  • Free GTA$200K
  • 80% off HVY Barrage (GTA$ 424,270 / 319,000)
  • 80% off HVY Brickade (GTA$ 222,000)
  • 35% off Vetir (GTA$ 1,059,500 / 794,625)
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