When does the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event start?

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The brand new Chaos Theory event for Apex Legends is just moments away from starting! You've got just minutes to wait.

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This event is focused on Caustic and will see the addition of a Ring Fury event. Check out below when the event is due to start.

LATEST - It's Go Time!


The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event is rolling out now on all platforms!

We have everything you need to catch up with what's coming next below, and how to get as much as you can out of the multi-week adventure.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Start Time

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event will officially kick off at 10am PT on March 9th.

This means the event will arrive roughly an hour before the Switch port of the game goes live.

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Newest Trailer & Info

The most recent Apex Legends trailer gives you the perfect lowdown of what to expect from the Chaos Theory Event.


The event will bring 24 new cosmetics to unlock, a themed mode for players to jump into, and some fun story-focused content.

You can check out the full patch notes here, which runs through all of the general fixes and new content.

Keep checking back with us as we learn when the Chaos Theory event officially begins in Apex Legends.


What's In-Store This Time?

There's a lot going on in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory event and some people are going to be a bit annoyed about how the meta is shaping up going into the Nintendo Switch launch.

Caustic is getting a substantial nerf to his Nox Gas and Gas Grenade, Pathfinder doesn't have Low Profile anymore, and Horizon's Black Hole is getting a 50% cooldown increase.

They're minor changes in the grand scheme of things but it's hard to deny that they won't make a difference going forward!

For the full Apex Legends Patch Notes, you can find them here.

Who are you going to main going forward into the Chaos Theory event?

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Which Character Will You Choose?

With the addition of Fuse, the Apex Legends meta got a little bit of a shake-up.

He's a pretty decent offensive hero with enough chops to stand on his own two feet, although he's hardly become the new main Champion.

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With Caustic getting a little nerf, do you think he's going to drop off a lot in popularity?

His Nox Gas does a lot less damage now over time and his Gas Grenades take a minute longer to cool-down. It isn't a good time to be a Caustic Main, but is a good time to be a fan. Weird.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event Caustic
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GASSED - Caustic is the focus for this update both narratively and in the patch notes, it seems

Pathfinder is also a popular choice, but he has lost Low Profile too. We're not sure this will affect how often he is picked but will it change his win percentage?