Olympus has some big changes in the Apex Legacy Update

Apex Legends Season 9 has begun with the Legacy Update now live!

This means players can hop right into the game and see some massive new changes to the Olympus map, including a growing root problem brought in from space.

With a ton of new places and some interesting Easter eggs, you can help solve the mystery as to what's going on in Olympus.

LATEST - Legacy Update Now Live

That's right, the time is now!

The Apex Legends Legacy Update has arrived, and with it comes a ton of big changes to the game.

In fact, the patch is one of the biggest in Apex history, clocking in at the following download sizes:

  • PS: 29GB
  • Xbox: 53GB
  • Origin: 12GB
  • Steam: 8GB

Olympus Changes Broken Down By Lead Level Designer

Some big changes are in store for the Apex Legends Olympus map in the Season 9 Legacy Update, and Lead Level Designer Dave Osei goes into detail on what's to come!

Apex Legends Olympus Icarus Bridge Keycard
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SOMETHING LEFT BEHIND: The Icarus holds many secrets on Olympus

This includes the new presence of a parasitic plant spreading across Olympus from a rogue fleet of ships docked on the planet.

Along with this new plant taking over the map, The Icarus, the ship where the plant originates from, also has some dead scientists left behind. These scientists hold key cards, and players the find them can explore even further to learn what's happened with the destroyed ship and crew.

New Battle Pass Trailer

Respawn Entertainment shared the new Legacy Battle Pass trailer before launch, giving us a better look at the new Legend skins and weapon appearances now live in-game.

Rampart's Crafty Kitsune and Wraith's Demon's Whisper are the highlights, but we also get a look at a new Devotion and Spitfire weapon skin.

There's also new Music Packs, Loading Screens, Banners, Gun Charms, Skydive Emotes, Holo-Sprays and Quips. We're not sure how Caustic would feel about being made out to be a bit of a bumbling oaf though...

You can check the full trailer in the tweet below:

Titanfall Blog has also uploaded this run-down of all the free Legacy Battle Pass Rewards you can get your hands on over the course of the next season:

Arenas Legend Meta Breakdown

Apex Legends' new Arena Mode is going to be a highlight for a lot of people playing the next season. But, with it being an elimination mode with round-based combat... How does the Arena meta differ from the Battle Royale meta?

Of course, there are going to be some difference between the two and you have to think that the offensive-based Legends will be a driving force in winning rounds.

Well, Respawn Entertainment has tapped on someone in the know and they've done a deep-dive Beginner's Guide on Apex Legends Arenas mode.

You can check it out in the tweet below, but this is what DazsBF has said regarding the Legend Meta.

Bloodhound is great for visibility and Octane is fantastic as always because of his increased movement speed. In addition to this, Lifeline's quicker revive time is always handy. Pathfinder and Wraith can also both be fantastic for re-positioning and flanking.

Bangalore is one Legend that might not be as helpful, according to the video. In addition to this, Crypto's abilities take a lot of time to use and this can expose him and his team.

Interestingly, with the right team composition, any one of Apex Legends' seventeen Legends can be a viable pick in Arenas if you're aware of how they can be used in this different context.

First look at Arenas & new map

Arenas are coming to Apex with the Legacy update here is the first look at some arenas gameplay on one of the new maps.

This mode should be a great way to warm up before taking part in a Battle Royale.

Legacy Ranked Announced

Apex Legends' new update isn't called Season 9, but there's still going to be a Ranked Leagues refresh and we have all the new information about Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked right here.

The first thing to note is that there isn't really going to be any major changes to the way RP and Ranked Leagues work in Apex Legends going forward.

According to Respawn Entertainment's Blog Post on Legacy Ranked, Season 8 was the most successful Ranked Season for Apex Legends to date. At some points, almost 50% of all matches being played were in Ranked playlists!

In the Tweet below, you can check out the new batch of Ranked Leagues rewards you can earn throughout the Legacy Season.

Legacy Ranked Map Split Dates

This season, World's Edge is back for the first split of this season's Ranked League and will be available until June 15th 2021. The second split will be all about Olympus and the rest of the season will keep you there.

Season 9 Release Date

The Legacy Update is due to drop for Apex Legends on May 4th, just one day after the Season 8 Battle Pass ends. This will essentially be Season 9 of Apex Legends, but it has been teased that a lot is going to change in Respawn Entertainment's battle royale title.

We don't actually know a whole lot yet, though. Valkyrie is going to be the new playable Legend joining the Apex Games and the Bocek Bow is at least one new weapon. However, that's about all we know at the moment.

We're expecting more from Respawn soon though, as the next update is just around the corner!

New Trailer Teases Olympus Changes

Apex has a brand new Legacy Update Gameplay Trailer, and it pushes 6 minutes worth of revealing awesome new content coming to the game.

This includes a new permanent 3v3 game mode, the Bocek bow and other new weapons and weapon balance changes, new legend Valkyrie, and ended with some mysterious new changes for Olympus teased.

Check out the awesome new Apex Legends Legacy Gameplay trailer below:

As the trailer fades, we are warned about hostile ships approaching Olympus, and some vines have entangled parts of the map. So what does this mean?

We'll have to wait for Respawn Entertainment to elaborate, but things are looking dangerous on Olympus.

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