Apex Legends Season 5: New Character - Loba, Skins, Animations, Abilities, Release Date & More

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Season 5 is primed to arrive in early May, and with Season 4 setting the stage for an incredible comeback story to develop, we couldn’t be more invested.

Most players will be interested to see if Forge makes a return after being so cruelly dispatched by the robot assassin, Revenant.

Questions of a new legend have being raised after potentially being seen in the Season 4 trailer, but now an Apex Legends data miner has released what look to be in-game animations for Loba, the rumoured next character

Continue below for all the details on Season 5's upcoming character.

Apex Legends Season 5 Start Date

The below tweet links to official Apex Legends website, which has a statement from Jason McCord, Design Director on the Apex Legends Season 5 start date.

apex legends season 5 start date and gameplay
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WHERE THE PARTY AT? May 12th sees the next season of Apex Legends launch

As mentioned, he confirms that Season 5 will be starting on 12 May, later than the previously predicted 5 May.

The great news is there is a ton of things for players to get involved in until then.

Apex Legends Battle Armour Event

The Battle Armor event will start on 28 April for a limited time.

Apex Legends Season 5 Start Date and Battle armor mode
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MY AMOR! Expect some interesting and unique twists coming up

Taking place at World’s Edge the event will evolve over 14 days with a new exciting twist on armour every few days or so.

During the event rotation, only one armour type will be available to players, and they will drop into the match with it already equipped. They’ll also drop with a P2020.

While armour will be removed from the loot pool, it won’t be the same for shield cells, batteries and the all-important loot!

New Character Leak

According to a notorious data miner iLootGames, Loba's visuals and walking animations are actually in the source code for Apex Legends, as well as some details on how she will make her appearance.

The data miner found quite a lot in her files.

Loba's default skin is likely to be a white, grey and gold outfit with wolf emblems on her shoulders (since Loba translates to 'wolf' in Spanish and Portuguese).

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She also has a large device hooked to her belt loop that could be her jump pack.

Loba's Abilities

Loba will reportedly have teleportation abilities which will be controlled by a bracelet worn on her wrist.

loba apex character
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THEN AND NOW: Unless you've been following the Apex story so far, you may not notice the similarities between these characters

This idea actually stems from a mined animation that shows her picking up a bracelet off the ground.

Loba's Entrance

The data mining has also revealed some things about Loba's entrance.

kings canyon apex legends
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ICONIC: The Kings Canyon map has been a staple of Apex Legends since its introduction

Allegedly Loba will be dropping into the arena during "Tease Phase 4", which could involve appearing on banners in the arena.

Respawn has done this in the past, so don't be surprised if it happens again.

Watch out, Revenant

Loba's got a personal vendetta against another Legend, Revenant.

rosie loba apex legends
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REVENGE WILL BE SWEET: Loba will get her own back on Revenant in Season 5

As we have explained previously, Revenant's character trailer shows him brutally murdering a roomful of people, two of whom were the parents of a young girl with braids in her hair.

Yes, you may have also noticed that Loba's character model also has braids.

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Young Loba is clearly furious, and it's going to be a grown-up Loba that is entering the arena with sights set on everybody's least favourite robot.

We still do not have an official date for Apex Legends Season 5 will start, so in the meantime, check out The Old Ways limited time event, which has brought a permanent duos playlist into the world of Apex.

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