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Apex Legends Season 4: Trailer, Free Rewards, Capitol City, Survey Camp, Battle Pass, Assimilation, End Date & all the latest news

For those of you who have had your heads buried in the sand, Apex Legends Season 4 was launched earlier this month, to coincide with the game's first anniversary.

Off the back of a number of developments in the Apex lore in the first year, Assimilation is introducing a new legend, a new sniper rifle, as well as a host of changes to the World's Edge map.

There are even some free rewards for players to get their hands on. Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 4. 

Continue reading for everything you need to know about Season 4.

Release Date

Apex Legends Season 4 is already available to play, having released on 4 February 2020.

But if you are late to the new season, you will have already missed the opportunity to return to the game's original map - King's Canyon - in all of its Season One glory.


The Apex Legends Season 4 trailer featured a clip that got the community wondering if Forge will be making a return later in Season 4.

This is thanks to the 'Up Close and Personal' clip that was posted on the official Apex YouTube channel.

The short video depicts Jimmie 'Forge' McCormick in an interview, but then we see Revenant sneaking up behind him before the camera cuts to the interviewer's blood-spattered face.

Then again, Respawn's Senior Animator Moy Parra was very clear on the status of Forge's return in a recent tweet:

Screenshot 2020 02 27 at 13 04 04
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This could of course just be a marketing ploy, but the Senior Animator doesn't seem to be using a jovial tone in this tweet.

Battle Pass

With a new Season comes a new Battle Pass, and that means one thing...

lots of loot.

battle pass operator
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GIMME THE LOOT: Assimilation features over 100 items, ranging from brand new music packs to legendary skins

The Season 4 Battle Pass can be bought in-game for just 950 Apex Coins.

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The 'Battle Pass' bundle unlocks the first 25 levels and will set you back 2,800 Apex Coins. 

Map Changes

World's Edge has undergone several changes since Season 3 ended.

Capitol City

Hammond Robotics has made their mark, but it's at the cost of leaving one of the map's hotspots in ruins.

planet harvester survey camp apex season 4capitol city split apex legends season 4 assimilation map changes worlds edge update weapon racks hammon robotics
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RUINS: Capitol has been completely devastated in Season 4

The Titan manufacturer (of Hammond Robotics) has set up a Planet Harvester at the heart of the map, which has split Capitol City in half.

Fragment East and Fragment West are now the two separate areas, with a molten crevice separating the two.


The only way that this lava field can be crossed is via a zipline from a toppled skyscraper, or by using certain abilities.

Survey Camp

Survey Camp is a new site, located between Skyhook and the Epicenter in World's Edge.

It's pretty small, but it introduces another new feature: weapon racks.

The weapons that appear there are guaranteed for all games.

Now players need to have a good think about whether they should land at a POI or just head for these loaded weapon racks.

New Tier

A lot of players have proven themselves to be ferocious fighters - and as a result, Respawn is adding a new ranked tier, 'Master'.

master tier ranked
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MASTER: 'Apex Predator' tier is being overhauled in Season 4

The 'Master' tier will rest between the 'Diamond' and 'Apex Predator' tiers, so you’ll have to break 10,000 RP to become a master.

The Apex Predator title is exclusively reserved for the top 500 players (per platform) so it's pretty damn impressive if you make it.

That's all there is to comment on for now, but we will be back with more details as new updates drop.

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