Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked Split 2 - Release Date, Map, and more

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Storm point apex legends

Apex Legends Season 15 is fast approaching, but there is still some proving yourself to be done in Season 14. If you've hopped online to see your rank has disappeared, fear not, because Season 14 ranked split two is here.

Kings Canyon is old news, as now players will have to climb the ranks on a brand new map, and will be starting from scratch. Here's everything we know about the new ranked split.


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Season 14 New Split Release Date

Ranked Split 2 started on September 27, at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, so if you're reading this, head over to Apex right now! Unlike last split, your rank will only be reset by 1 full rank, or 4 divisions, so you won't be too far behind.

If you love the new split chaos, now is the time to drop into Storm Point. But if you'd rather be matched up against players in your skill bracket, maybe give the ranked leaderboards a few days to settle down, and try your hand at the brand new Gun Run LTM.

Ranks will reset once again when Season 15, "Eclipse", releases soon, so don't waste any time grinding for Predator.

Season 14 Split Two Map


Added in Season 11, many Apex Legends players will be familiar with Storm Point. The deserted Island underwent some changes in Season 13, but most of the POIs remain the same.

Storm Point is the largest map in the Roster for Apex Legends, 15% larger than Worlds Edge. So only time will tell how this will affect gameplay in Apex Legends Ranked.

Expect Storm Point to drop out of the Map Rotation with Season 15, as we expect a brand new map to drop.

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