When Does Apex Legends Season 15 End?

Apex Legends season 15 has been out for a while now and will soon come to an end to make way for season 16.

Bringing a new Legend, Catalyst, a host of new cosmetics and skins, and a new map.

This season has definitely been one to remember and when it ends, it won't easily be forgotten.

Players are getting ready for the next season and all of the new content which is expected to come to the game.

But, it is not expected that there will be a new legend for this new season as many leaks have pointed out.

So, let's look at when season 15 of Apex Legends ends and what to expect in season 16.

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When Does Season 15 of Apex Legends End?

On average, each season of Apex Legends will last around 100 days.

With an end date of February 14 2023, the current season of the game would have run for 105 days.

As there is no official information about when exactly this next season will drop, these are just estimates.

Apex Legends season 15
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Basing this off of their next event which will be Valentines, the speculation seems to be accurate.

But, until we get that nod from respawn Entertainment, we can never fully know.

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What to Expect in Season 16?

There are some leaks about two potential new legends coming to the game called Jester and Ballistic.

Ballistic new legend leak for Apex Legends
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However, there are also some leaks which suggest that season 16 will be one of the first to not come with a new Legend.

But, we should also expect some new cosmetics to come along. Especially with the timing that seasons 15 end.

Get ready to be loved up in the possible Valentine's Day event coming to Apex Legends.

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