Apex Legends: Catalyst Backstory, Lore, and Design Explained

Apex Legends Catalyst is the newest legend to be added to the in-game roster.

That isn't the only new thing about the character though, as she is the first transgender character in the game.

Bigger representation of characters with minority identities is crucial for the games industry to develop.

Respawn Entertainment has done a fantastic job at accurately creating a trans woman.

From her identity, backstory, lore and design. They all tie in nicely to create the well-rounded new Legend.

So, let's take a look at the new Legend in Apex Legends, Catalyst with her lore, backstory, and design.

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Apex Legends Boreas backstory

The official Apex Legends Youtube channel offered the community some backstory to Catalyst and her lore.

A little backstory before delving into this trailer may help deepen your understanding of this character.

Catalyst or Tressa Smith is originally from Boreas, which is also where Seer is from.

Seer from Apex Legends
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Boreas moon, Cleo, was hit by a meteor which shattered the moon in half.

Unfortunately, this led to many natural disasters which the community desperately tried to repair by working on the moon itself.

Boreas was heavily mined to try and find resources to help with the reconstruction of the moon.

Catalyst backstory and lore

Catalyst, or Tressa Smith, and her sisterhood are a group of people who are aware of the damage being inflicted upon their planet.

This leads to activism amongst the friends as they intend to disrupt any of Hammon Industries' plans.

Apex Legends Catalyst
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However, this goes wrong as Tressa's best friend, Margot, dies in an explosion.

This is where Catalyst is introduced to the mined ferrofluid from Boreas core as she narrowly escapes death.

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Broken Moon

After the events of Margot's suspected death, Catalyst joins forces to help repair the broken moon using ferrofluid.

Apex Legends Broken Moon
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After a few years of work, Cleo became a habitable environment once again.

This work was noticed by Silva Pharmaceuticals who announced the next Apex games would be taking place there.

Catalyst entered the games with a feeling of anger as she desperately tries to defend her home.

Catalyst design

Catalyst's design heavily comes from her working outfit.

It is confirmed that she modded her work attire to be more practical for the Apex games.

The way in which she controls the ferrofluid is through strong magnets in her gloves too.

This slightly devolves away from her magical abilities. However, her spirituality was key to finding her real identity.

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