Apex Legends - new legend Ballistic abilities leaked

Ballistic is the expected name of the next legend in Apex Legends and his abilities may have now been leaked.

Apex Legends' next character is speculated to be a weapon and arms dealer in the game.

Codenamed Ballistic, there isn't too much official information out there at the moment for this guy.

However, some content creators have been dropping some pretty heavy hints about what kind of legend he just may be.

His leaked abilities showcase the strength he has in-game and comes from an Apex Legends employee who quickly removed the post.

However, this has now resurfaced.

So, let's take a look at the leaked abilities of Ballistic in Apex Legends and what players should expect from him.

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Apex Legends Ballistic Leaked Abilities

So, here are the leaked abilities of Apex's next expected Legend, Ballistic.

Ballistic Passive: Weapon Sling

Ballistic’s passive allows him to carry a third weapon. Players can access this weapon either by entering their inventory or by assigning it to a key binding. This third weapon cannot take any attachments.

Despite the lack of attachments, carrying a third weapon could still be advantageous to players. It allows you to carry weapons of all ranges (short, medium, and long)—although carrying additional ammo may be a bit of a drawback.

Tactical: Smart Bullet

For his tactical ability, Ballistic fires a projectile that debuffs any enemy hit. The guns of those enemies will then begin to heat up as they shoot, and overheated weapons will deal damage to their wielders. Holding the tactical will allow this ability to lock onto a target.

Ultimate: Weapon Enhancer in Apex Legends

When Ballistic activates his ultimate, nearby squadmates receive a buff that gives them faster reload speeds, unarmed movement speed, and “infinite ammo”—which likely means a removed cap from their ammo stores, not infinite mag sizes. Upon using his ultimate, Ballistic also gains buffs to his third weapon, which will be equipped and upgraded to gold status, meaning it gains all the high-tier attachments.

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