Apex Legends Valentines Day Event - valentines skin leaks REVEALED

Apex Legends has had some new leaks for Valentine's Day in 2023 with some new skins being shown.

Leaks are very common for most games these days, and Apex Legends is no different.

The most recent leak shows some new content coming to the game to celebrate love day.

It even included some videos of the new content in the game's store.

So, let's take a look at this Apex Legends Valentine's Day leak and see what players should expect from this event.

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New Valentine's Day Leaks

The leaks highlighting this new content came from @kralrindo who is pretty accurate with their leaks.

A link to their Youtube channel also showed a video of the new skins coming in February 2023.

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Valentine's Day skins in Apex Legends

Skins for the following Legends were shown...

  • Loba
  • Bangalore
  • Valkyrie

However, there was also a skin for the Bocek Bow which looked very similar to Cupid's Bow.

Interestingly enough, the community noticed yet another reference to the relationship between Loba and Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is seen donning dark red lipstick, in keeping with the love theme.

However... Loba had a lipstick stamp on her... more exposed chest area which is yet another reference to their romance.

Many fans spotted this and made reference to this fact.

Valentine's Day Skins Release Date

So far, there isn't much else information on these new skins.

However, as February 14 2023 is the date of the special day, we can expect to see them released around this time.

As we haven't had any official information about these skins yet, this should all be taken with a pinch of salt.

Valentine's Day is also just over three months away, so we won't be hearing much until next year.

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