Apex Legends Prime Gaming: Brand New Content for October

Apex Legends Octane Radioactive

Apex Legends Octane Radioactive

Amazon and Respawn entertainment have an exciting new bundle available for Apex Legends fans going into October. Last month saw the Vantage Troop Leader Bundle, but now there's a new legend on the roster for some brand new cosmetics.

Check out what's in store for Prime members and how to get your hands on all the rewards.

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Apex Legends Prime Gaming Loot

Where last month catered for new Legend Vantage, this month an old favourite is getting some love. Octane has been around since Season One and is one of the best-known offensive Legends in the game.

Apex Legends Octane
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Included in this month's bundle for Prime members are:

  • Octane Character Skin - 'Radioactive'
  • Octane Banner Frame - 'Spinal'
  • C.A.R. SMG Weapon Skin - 'Lumbar Puncture'

As always, these cosmetics will pair perfectly with each other to give you a whole new cohesive look in Apex Legends. With a toxic green theme to contrast last month's more conservative style, you can drop into Kings Canyon with extra swag.

How to Claim Prime Gaming Rewards

Apex Legends
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To claim your exclusive Prime Gaming rewards, you'll want to head over to the Apex Legends Prime Gaming page. Just link your EA account to your prime account and you'll be set to go.

These rewards will only be available until the next drop for November, so don't miss your chance. If you're also a fan of League of Legends, Call of Duty, or Valorant, Prime Gaming has exclusive rewards for all of them, refreshing every month.

Also check out the brand new collection event dropping soon before Season 15 comes to Apex Legends, for more in-game cosmetics and limited time modes.

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