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Valorant Prime Gaming August 2022: How to Claim, Rewards and More

Valorant is getting some new cosmetic details for August 2022. This is coming as a freebie from Amazon Prime Gaming.

Valorant is one of Riot Games' biggest and it is still growing. Since its release two years ago, it has grown way faster than anyone could have expected. Additionally, the growth of the esports scene has helped Valorant as its a forerunner of the industry.

So, let's take a look at how to claim this reward and what to expect from the free loot.

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How to access the Valorant free content

Accessing these cosmetics is very very simple. Firstly, the Riot account holder must also own an Amazon prime account to link up the two and access the cosmetic.

Valorant Prime Gaming website
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  1. Players must visit the Prime Gaming website and enter their Riot Games ID when prompted.
  2. They will be redirected to the Prime Gaming page upon completion.
  3. Players can now claim their drops from the website by clicking the "Claim Now" button.
  4. Launch Valorant
  5. Upon opening the "Collections" tab, players will have the option to select and equip their newly acquired loot from a range of options

What's included?

The Valorant Prime Gaming August content usually isn't as loaded as the capsule for League of Legends. However, a new spray will be included in this month's free loot.

The Ego or Eco spray can be set when the instructions have been followed. This content is actually exclusive for prime Gaming and cannot be got through any other means.

Valorant Amazon prime Gaming spray eco or Ego
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This means that those of us collectors... or hoarders can get this content and appreciate how niche it is. It is also just a really well-designed spray.

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