Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event: LIVE UPDATES on Update 1.80

The next Apex Legends event is just a matter of minutes away and looking pretty exciting! The 1.80 Patch is going to introduce a Rampart Rework, there's going to be a Rampart Town Takeover, and a whole lot more.

The Evolution Collection Event is going to be one you'll want to try out, so we've got live updates on it going live right here.

Latest - 1.80 Patch Notes

Thankfully, Respawn has released the full update 1.80 patch notes ahead of it going live later today.

We won't include them here, since they're massive and will take up far too much space on this page with all the other details, but you can check them out here.

We also have the information on when the update will go live down below:

RELEASE TIME - When does the update drop?

Apex Legends' Version 1.80 update and the Evolution Collection Event are due to both be released on September 14th at the following times:

  • 10:00 PST
  • 13:00 EST
  • 18:00 BST

This time is currently unconfirmed, so take this information with a pinch of salt. However, we believe it to be accurate based on the previous update schedules followed by Respawn Entertainment for similar events.

There are reports that players are able to pre-load the update on PlayStation consoles, but - again - this is unconfirmed and Respawn Entertainment has not shared any information regarding this yet.

RAMPART REWORK - She's going to be a beast!

Everyone's talking about Rampart during the Evolution Collection Event for more reasons than one. She's going to be taking over Apex Legends' Arenas mode for a while - offering modded weapons at a discounted price during Arenas' Buy Phase - however, she's also getting a little rework.

The Version 1.80 Patch Notes have shared the following information regarding the Rampart Rework:

  • Sheila has gone mobile!
    • Rampart will now be able to run around with Sheila out, and shoot while walking. The spin-up is longer, and she only gets 1 magazine in this mode.
    • Once Sheila is out, you can put it away and pull it back out until you run out of ammo (or hit the cooldown time).
    • At any point, you can still place Sheila down for your teammates to use. Once placed, it has infinite reloads and acts just like the previous version. You cannot pick it back up.

Essentially, Rampart can run around with Sheila now and we're all going to need a few more Shield Cells to hand to combat it. We can't wait!


As POI Locations go, World's Edge's Lava City is a bit dead. It's not in the best spot to drop and there's nothing particularly drawing you into it. Thankfully, that's all about to change with the Rampart Town Takeover in Apex Legends' Evolution Collection Event and the introduction of Big Maude.

Big Maude is Rampart's mobile workshop-slash-tank and there's a lot to look forward to when she arrives later today.

Apex Legends Evolution Event Rampart Town Takeover
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TOWN TAKEOVER - Big Maude's in town and she's not leaving yet

Not only is this going to reflect a huge landscape change for Lava City, but you'll also be able to purchase "Rampart's Custom Modded Paintball Weapons" from the Vend-it Machines inside. They're going to cost you quite a bit, but they're all going to be fully kitted out and worth the money.

" This POI is big enough to accommodate a few teams fighting over the shop itself, and she’s also built a wonderful paintball course out front that acts as a spill off location if the drop just looks too spicy."


Respawn Entertainment has shared a little look at some of the new Legend skins and Weapon skins coming to Apex Legends during the Evolution Collection Event. You can check out Pathfinder's Elegant Mechanics skin below:

In addition to this, Respawn Entertainment has shared a look at some of the Weapon Skins. They are as follows:

  • Hydraulic Helper - Legendary Rampage Weapon Skin
  • Master Blaster - Legendary Mastiff Weapon Skin
  • Amethyst Apathy - Legendary R-301 Weapon Skin
  • Aqua Flow - Legendary Flatline Weapon Skin

You can also get a great look at everything else on offer in the Evolution Event Reveal Trailer below:

There should be a full set of Legend skins available alongside the Weapon skins that have been teased so far - Collecting all of them will earn you Rampart's new Heirloom. This is the same system as all the other Heirlooms that have been added previously, so it shouldn't surprise anyone.

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