Rampart's Town Takeover confirmed as part of Evolution Collection Event

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The next Apex Legends event is going to be a good one - and that isn't just because of Rampart's Town Takeover! The Evolution Collection Event is on the way and we have everything you need to know about what this means...

RAMPART BUFF - Sheila can move now?!

The Evolution Collection Event isn't just about cosmetics and the Rampart Town Takeover, there's also a few Legend Changes and Balancing Tweaks being introduced to Apex Legends in the latest title update.


One thing that has everyone excited though - and afraid - is the Rampart buff. Well... It's more of a rework, but it certainly sounds like a buff.

Essentially, Rampart can now move with Sheila - her mounted turret - when she uses her Ultimate Ability. Yes, you read that right. Here's what the Patch Notes have to say about it.

  • Sheila has gone mobile!
    • Rampart will now be able to run around with Sheila out, and shoot while walking. The spin up is longer, and she only gets 1 magazine in this mode.
    • Once Sheila is out, you can put it away and pull it back out until you run out of ammo (or hit the cooldown time).
    • At any point, you can still place Sheila down for your teammates to use. Once placed, it has infinite reloads and acts just like the previous version. You cannot pick it back up.

EVOLUTION - New Collection Event announced

Apex Legends' Rampart Town Takeover is an integral part of the upcoming Evolution Collection Event that's due to start on September 14th. There's going to be new cosmetics and a free Reward Tracker to complete during the event - however, Big Maude and the Rampart Town Takeover is what we want to know about.

Respawn Entertainment had the following to say regarding this...

" Enter Big Maude, Rampart’s custom shop (also a giant tank, what else would you expect?) located near Lava City in World’s Edge. This POI is big enough to accommodate a few teams fighting over the shop itself, and she’s also built a wonderful paintball course out front that acts as a spill off location if the drop just looks too spicy.
Apex Legend Evolution Collection Event
MOD SHOP? - Big Maude is also a giant tank, which is fun...
" Inside the shop, you can use collected materials to purchase Rampart’s Custom Modded Paintball Weapons from the new Vend-it Machines. These guns cost a bit, but they come fully kitted at different tiers. This should give players a reason to rotate here mid-game if their weapons just aren’t as upgraded as they’d like."

Lava City is going to be a much more rewarding POI over the next two weeks and we just hope it stays that way...

TEASERS - Rampart Leaving Her Mark

Popular champion Rampart has begun leaving her mark over billboards around the Apel Legends map. These are a continuation of the hints that surround the next possible Collection Event.


RUMOURS - When is the next Collection Event?

At the moment, we don't know for sure when the next Collection Event - Apex Legends' Rampart Town Takeover - is due to drop. Season 10 started on August 3rd, though, so we have some idea based on previous update trends.

The Rampart Town Takeover could drop around September 20th alongside Patch 10.1 - this is the rough mid-point of the season. The newest Ranked Split is also going to end around this time which would suggest a larger set of updates is due.

If this is the case, we should see a couple more teasers over the next few days before Respawn Entertainment fully reveals the Rampart Town Takeover Collection Event.

TEASERS - Renewal Plaza is coming...

At the moment, there's only one in-game teaser to talk about in regards to the Rampart Town Takeover - however, it's an important one.


A sign has appeared in-game which states the following:

" Renewal Plaza. Exclusive home to Parekh Modifications."

If you're clued up on who Rampart is as a character, you'll know that this is a reference to Rampart's background in engineering and modifications - she's credited with the creation of the Rampage LMG and helping Valkyrie with her equipment.

When you look at the sign with Rampart, she'll say the following:

" Right. I’m well over others takin’ credit for my madness... Not this time.”

WHAT TO EXPECT from the Rampart Town Takeover

We're not exactly sure what Rampart has up her sleeve, but we do know where she's going to make her mark on World's Edge. The sign can be found near the Lava City POI in the South-East of the map and it's not the most popular drop site in Apex Legends.


This makes it the prime location for a refreshing Town Takeover courtesy of Rampart.

Rampart Town Takeover World's Edge
DO YOU LIKE WORLD'S EDGE? - Is this the right map for the Rampart Town Takeover?

As a Collection Event, the Rampart Town Takeover should introduce a new set of in-game cosmetics and a series of challenges to unlock a few free rewards. We should hear more from Respawn Entertainment about any upcoming Reward Tracker and Cosmetics in the next week.

In terms of the actual update to arrive alongside this, we don't know a lot. Respawn Entertainment has mentioned the removal of the controversial "Tap-Strafing" strategy, though. Expect more changes to be discussed in the future...